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  1. over 3 years ago on Clay Jones

    This makes me chuckle… and chuckle… and chuckle…

  2. over 3 years ago on Wizard of Id

    I voted against GW when he lied us into a war. My elderly aunt said you don’t change horses in the middle of the river. I tried my best to talk her into voting against GW. She was, unfortunately, brainwashed and voted for GW. (I had to fill out the ballot for her.)

  3. over 3 years ago on Views of the World

    He’s lazy and he’s a coward. Someone has pointed out to him that the more he talks trash about the election, the more public opinion might demand he be investigated.

  4. over 3 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    Wild turkeys are very intelligent.

  5. over 3 years ago on Signe Wilkinson

    I don’t think she likes anyone. Strictly a monetary transaction.

  6. over 3 years ago on Rob Rogers

    Makes me wonder if these figures are the rationale the admin has taken a laissez faire attitude toward the virus.

  7. over 3 years ago on Matt Wuerker

    Amazing how some folks love being conned.

  8. over 3 years ago on Signe Wilkinson

    Melania will find herself an old geezer who really is rich. Maybe Adelson will dump his 74 yr old wife for a newer model who might give him more bang for his buck.

  9. over 3 years ago on Gary Varvel

    Republicans make a mess (because they cannot govern). Democrats clean up the mess. Republicans = strict father family, domination culture, patriarchy, hierarchy. Democrats = nurturing parent family, partnership culture, equality for all.

  10. over 3 years ago on Rob Rogers

    Native Americans and Covid 19: 2.8x higher cases; 5.3x higher hospitalizations; 1.4x higher death rate compared to white, non Hispanic persons. (As of Aug 2020

    In the past four weeks, the death rate among Indigenous people has accelerated the fastest Compared to Whites, the latest U.S. age-adjusted COVID-19 mortality rate for:Indigenous people is 3.2 times as highBlacks is 3.0 times as highLatinos is 3.0 times as highPacific Islanders is 2.3 times as high, and Asians is 1.1 times as high. (Oct of 2020