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  1. 7 days ago on Garfield

    I was seriously scared that was Liz for, like, 2 panels.

  2. 23 days ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    Not so crazy when you consider what his dad tells him every time they hang out. Hardly a wonder why Calvin’s mind is so creative, but why his facts are so messed up.

  3. 23 days ago on Garfield Classics

    There have been a few Arlene look-alikes. I think this is one such look-alike.

  4. 25 days ago on Herb and Jamaal

    I’m not religious, but this is why I support it. I may not agree with everything in there, but there’s plenty of parts of where I do agree with it. This is one of them.

  5. 27 days ago on The Adventures of Business Cat

    It’s a he. Look, no censored nipples.

  6. 27 days ago on In Security

    I’m kinda in Sam’s shoes now: real cynical about love because I got broken pretty badly. Still, I love this strip because it gives me hope I’ll find my Sedine someday. Maybe, maybe not. But this comic keeps me positive and laughing.

  7. 27 days ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    I still like to think the creator of Frazz is actually Calvin as an adult (even though the creator confirmed it’s not related in any way). My head-canon is Frazz is Calvin’s last name and he found an outlet for his creativity, making him be more cool and mellow as an adult, and more popular with the kids because of his child-like wonder in his heart.

  8. about 1 month ago on U.S. Acres

    I enjoy the fact Tube Duck is looking confused at Wade.

  9. about 1 month ago on My Cage: New and Old

    Credit where it’s due: At least he’s 100% aware he’s shallow and materialistic.

  10. about 1 month ago on Candorville

    Problem is Fink IS creating a hostile work environment by blackmailing the boss and trying to get Susan physically hurt all so he can steal her job. Her trying to get a new job would be hard since it would most likely pay less and new workers aren’t usually receptive to pretty people in high positions on their first day (yes, personal experience talking. I’m not said pretty person, but the rumors around the office were unforgiving). Cases like this, Susan should find the blackmail and somehow make it useless. Pretty obvious she can’t get him on criminal behavior, so just take his weapons away and see what happens.