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I was in Vietnam in 1969-70. 101st Airborne, 3/506. My MOS (military occupational specialty) was 11 Bravo = Light Weapons Infantry. My avatar is the Screaming Eagle patch I wore.

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  1. about 9 hours ago on Reality Check

    Lucille never let B.B. King down.

  2. about 9 hours ago on Real Life Adventures

    He just has to be tall enough.

  3. 1 day ago on Agnes

    A long time ago, when I had a factory job, steel-toed boots saved me twice . Once smashed, once cut off.

  4. 1 day ago on Arlo and Janis

    How come all of the pro-mask people aren’t screaming about those two being out in public sans masks?

  5. 2 days ago on Garfield

    The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

  6. 4 days ago on The Buckets

    I think the phrase is “Misery loves company”.

  7. 4 days ago on The Buckets

    Except basics was 43 hours a day for 3 1/2 years…… or so it seemed. Fort Leonard Wood 1969.

  8. 5 days ago on B.C.

    The roots can also be roasted and used like coffee, like chicory.

  9. 5 days ago on Real Life Adventures

    For old people like you, but not everyone is that ancient.

  10. 5 days ago on Agnes

    If Trout is anything like her mother, she’ll have plenty of friends in a few years.