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  1. 1 day ago on Sarah's Scribbles

    If only women would be like that with me when they find out I can (kind of, sort of) draw.

  2. 1 day ago on In Security

    Sedine may not have the voluptuous blonde pin-up ‘ideal’ look that she seems to think most men like but I still think she’s a complete and total babe! Every guy is different and is attracted to their own unique ideal woman. (I myself have been attracted to green-eyed redheads since my youth when I developed crushes on comic book redheads like Batgirl, Jean Grey and Mary Jane Watson.) Just be thankful that you found a guy in Sam that loves you the way you are!

  3. 2 days ago on In Security

    She reminds me more of Vegeta in that last panel. Either way, dude, just put it gear and hit the gas!

  4. 3 days ago on In Security

    No, because, despite the stench, I’d still give her a ride.

  5. 4 days ago on My Cage: New and Old

    Hilarious that the lawyer is an actual leech.

  6. 4 days ago on Luann Againn

    This was obviously in the days before smart phones, lol.

  7. 4 days ago on In Security

    I don’t think Sedine’s ‘sexy leg powers’ are gonna help her get a ride this time. I’d still give her a lift but I’d have to drive with my head hanging out of the window like a dog to avoid the smell.

  8. 5 days ago on In Security

    Happy birthday, Bea! :hugs:

  9. 6 days ago on Working Daze

    It deserves more love than what it’s getting.

  10. 6 days ago on In Security

    Would that make Ellie Kelly?