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  1. over 4 years ago on Bad Reporter

    Last I had heard, Adam Schiff isn’t the one making tweets all through the night.

  2. over 4 years ago on Prickly City

    So the fact that he publicly announced he was obstructing means absolutely nothing to you? Try putting the country above your Party for a change.

  3. over 4 years ago on Ted Rall

    Clean your ears, I have heard plenty of “peeps”.

  4. over 4 years ago on Prickly City

    You should recheck the timeline and your other “facts” you are stringing together. Hunter Biden didn’t work for that company until two years after Joe Biden, working with Germany, Poland, The UK and others got the prosecutor who was not investigating corruption fired. Fired because he was not investigating corruption is a little different from what you are claiming.

  5. over 4 years ago on Ken Catalino

    Mitch has said he no longer has the votes to deny witnesses.

  6. over 4 years ago on Ken Catalino

    I doubt anyone except other war-mongers love him. The left want his honest testimony, nothing more. They can still hate him and desire the truth. The Republicans on the other hand…….I can still hear Maynard Krebs saying “Work!?” and I imagine that’s how the word “Truth” comes from so many of them.

  7. over 4 years ago on Prickly City

    “wanted documents and witnesses they should have sent subpoenas” Apparently you didn’t bother to pay attention, They did, Trump told all the people subpoenaed to ignore them, which they did and cited executive privilege’ to conceal the documents, then boasted about his obstruction by claiming “We have all the documents and they have none” which to even the dimmest of minds should be obvious obstruction of justice.

  8. over 4 years ago on Steve Kelley

    According to the underground, the woman agreed to a sexual encounter with Kobe, it was only during the encounter she found that he expected to add some sodomy to the standard game, she said no to the added plays, he insisted and proceeded. She then charged him with rape. Who knows, but it does seem to fit the way it went down.

  9. over 4 years ago on Matt Davies

    The whistle blower is totally irrelevant to the case, Bolton on the other hand is not. What makes you think the “left” suddenly likes Bolton? Liking has nothing to do with relevant testimony. I’m not a Democrat, I’m a moderate Independent and I don’t care for War-monger Bolton at all, but I still want to hear his testimony. The Whistle-blower has nothing to do with any evidence and so I couldn’t care less about hearing anything from them.

  10. over 4 years ago on Candorville

    I had a friend who lived in Kansas who was a registered Democrat. He went to vote in 2016 and when he went through the line they stopped him and said he was dead and had been removed from the listings. He had to show his ID and prove he was himself before they would reinstate him and allow his vote. How many others have been purged this way?