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  1. 1 day ago on In Security

    (Mr. H) Alright, Mr. Wise-Guy. I forgot to add the tones there, and we were so rushed that it slipped by. Now live in the head cannon, quietly, and leave me alone.

  2. 2 days ago on In Security

    (Mr. H) let’s see if anyone can pin the rl personalities as we explore these people. The hoodie dude is a sadly thrown away opportunity due to lettering covering art—BeaR drew a trio in Diners outfits: spoon, fork, and knife.

  3. 3 days ago on In Security

    (Mr. H) hahaha OK, easy there. I’m curious how people will take the following story and strips. That will shape our understanding of how we should go forward into the future.

  4. 3 days ago on In Security

    (cont) because the schedule is irritating her. It would be wonderful to just do IN SECURITY and color it as well, instead of needing two projects to pay the bills. One thing is certain—we can’t continue on as we have been, and remain able to cope with life emotionally or financially. Something will have to break. If I have to step out to get a “real job”, IN SECURITY is probably close to over, same if BeaR. stops. My hopes are still high on the dream that we find a much larger audience due to the football arc we are starting, and that we can continue next year onward. Let’s wait and see how it goes. No promises or certainties yet, but I just want you to know.

  5. 3 days ago on In Security

    (Mr. H) My original concept was to do such—to have the very climax, the final play of the Supper Bowl to be on the day of the Super Bowl as a Sunday comic with color… however, due to my eye problems last year, the cold spell this year, and then my mother’s passing in Spring, the schedule had to slide. It pushed us WAY past the ability to finish as I wished. However, we don’t have enough readers now for me to consider such a fantastic confluence as something admirable for the ages. So making the end come whenever we feel we are ready to end it is now our MO. The writing was done 5 years ago, in the main, but we are now fleshing it out as we go. I’m going to hope-assume this story ends or climaxes around the end of May.

    FYI—we are running into another dilemma right now. It sprang from the passing of my mother and is hopefully the final hurdle in the affair. We will have to break for a little hiatus very soon. I think we might have a two-week break without strips in late October. Then I hope we are back in full motion through the end of this arc and the end of this phase of IN SECURITY. We’ll then take a break next year in summer to retool (me to learn the digital art platform BeaR. uses on Kitten), write further material, write some new ideas, and publish 5-year compilation books in hard and softcover, etc.

    At this time I can’t be sure about what will happen from next June-onward. It all depends on what transpires between NOW and June 2022. BeaR. and I will make that decision in April-May next year (I think).

    We have a slight problem: been doing this for 5 years now, and we are now making minimum wage for our efforts. That’s $7.25/hr for 40 hours per week, 2 people… but she has to do two comics and work 90 hours/week and I work circa 45+ hours/week, maybe more if you consider all the time I spend fooling with writing or sitting around contemplating writing going out 6+ months. I would love BeaR. to cut back to 60 hours or less…cont.

  6. 9 days ago on In Security

    (Mr. H) Yes-go back a year to his final dilemma before leaving home.

  7. 11 days ago on In Security

    (Mr. H) That’s the one.

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  9. 14 days ago on In Security

    Sedine has a rap sheet as long as her arm.

  10. 15 days ago on In Security

    Me and erring