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    Looks like his running around in the sand has left him with 8 toes.

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    To be fair to us old teachers, were not a number of you “Others” once students? I’d be pleased to know that M-C & T-F questions were rare in your classes.

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    Suspected this early in my teaching … saw some easier questions missed if written in too many words.

    Gave one MC test where 3 easiest questions (answers actually given in last sentence) each had two paragraphs. Several students didn’t even guess; others barely above guessing %.

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    Ninety million words in our language; there’s bound to be a few homonyms.

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    That’s a bad day.

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    Yeah, they’re the best (worst).

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    That’s impressive!

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    Is that why the defense lawyers don’t ask (or want to know) if the client is guilty?