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  1. about 3 hours ago on Gil Thorp

    To make grapes taste better.

  2. 1 day ago on Gil Thorp

    Toasted cinnamon raisin with butter

  3. 1 day ago on Heathcliff

    Either it’s a warning about the relish, or Heathcliff wants no relish on the hot dog he’s planning to swipe.

  4. 7 days ago on Marmaduke

    The boots and that ‘sorry’ look on Marm’s face says it all.

  5. 7 days ago on Ziggy

  6. 7 days ago on Ziggy

  7. 8 days ago on Ziggy

    Cue the CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM theme music.

  8. 9 days ago on Garfield

    Way to enjoy that last bit of Summer weather.

  9. 9 days ago on Heathcliff

    Pugs are most likable.

  10. 11 days ago on Broom Hilda

    Even for a comic strip, I did not need to see that.