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  1. about 4 hours ago on Clay Jones

    When the worst happens Trump will just deny what he said. That’s what he always does.

  2. about 4 hours ago on Clay Jones

    Mega MAGAt moron Trump is clinically insane. Anyone that still buys what he’s selling deserves a padded room next to their deranged leader.

  3. about 10 hours ago on Rob Rogers

    Trump: Take Responsibility? I think not. That’s for losers.

  4. about 10 hours ago on Rob Rogers

    4-F. Those dam bone spurs. That’s why he says he’s a cheerleader for the country. He’ll keep a lamp burning in the nations window. Win one for the grifter!

  5. about 11 hours ago on Rob Rogers

    Trump: I’m just a cheerleader for the country. Blame defaults to Pence or Kushner. I abdicated responsibility to them until I can take all the credit for a victory over the virus.

  6. about 11 hours ago on Rob Rogers

    Trump: The buck is direct deposited into my bank account.

  7. about 18 hours ago on Clay Jones

    Jared is all about lining his pockets and establishing contacts for personal business dealings just like daddy-in-law.

  8. about 18 hours ago on Steve Breen

    Trump and a reporter exchange yesterday: “Mr. President, you were highly critical of mail-in voting, mail-in ballots for voting, but you voted by mail in Florida’s election last month, didn’t you?” a reporter asked.

    “Well, sure,” Trump replied.

    “But how do you reconcile that?” the reporter asked.

    “Because I’m allowed to,” Trump replied. “Well that’s called out of state — you know why I voted? Because I happened to be in the White House, and I won’t be able to go to Florida and vote.”

    “What is the difference between mailing within state or mailing outside?” the reporter asked.

    “Well, there’s a big difference between somebody that’s out of state and does a ballot and everything’s sealed, certified and everything else,” Trump said. “You see what you have to do with the certifications. And you get thousands and thousands of people sitting in somebody’s living room signing ballots all over the place". This was the same Trump that in 2016 complained about polling locations in the country that let the same people vote multiple times just by putting on a different hat and shirt/coat. I don’t really think Trump likes the idea of voting at all unless it’s just for him. He just loves the dictator method..

    Washington Post: “If you’re a Democrat concerned about contracting a potentially deadly virus? You have to take that risk and go out to vote. Not because Trump’s claims about rampant, undetected fraud are true, but because it’s useful for him to make those claims if it reduces the number of Democrats who vote.”

  9. 1 day ago on Stuart Carlson

    RepubliCONS will go to great lengths to suppress the vote. It’s usually their only path to win anything.

  10. 1 day ago on Matt Davies

    It’s always been a criminal enterprise. In crisis, criminal opportunities multiply exponentially.