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  1. 2 days ago on Doonesbury

    Adolf Hitler and Agolf Twitler have much common. Both are demagogues, both use the Big Lie, and both received help from Russia. Trump even publicly asked for help from Russia: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing”. Both use the technique of starting with a small “infraction” and if they escape punishment for a small infraction, they try a larger infraction. Putin used the Crimea as a starting point. Trump used his taxes as a starting point.

  2. 3 days ago on Doonesbury

    Source:gallup.com. Trump’s approval rating: 07/12/2019 44%. Note that the poll was taken after the Trump of July speech where Trump said: “Our army …. took over the airports”. Being that he was elected by 49% of the popular vote he is only 5% away from the theoretical horror of being reelected.

  3. 4 days ago on Baby Trump

    gallup.com approval rating: 06/30/2019 41%, 07/12/2019 44%. Up three percent from 06/30. Being that he was elected by 49% of the popular vote he could POSSIBLY be reelected.

  4. 5 days ago on Tank McNamara

    In an early episode of “Victoria”, Queen Victoria inspects a sheet of postage stamps. She makes the comment that “everybody is going lick my face”.

  5. 5 days ago on Baby Trump

    And yet, his high school dropout base still loves him. There should be another ’toon about his base.

  6. 6 days ago on Baby Trump

    Ironic: At a campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina, women were holding “Women for Trump” signs. Un-American: at the same rally, when Omar was mentioned, the crowd yelled: “Send her back”. Source: Youtube, Trump rally crowd chants “send her back” while he continues attack on Ilhan Omar

  7. 7 days ago on Baby Trump

    Eeeeeuuuuu! Google: Trump, Epstein and Ivanka in a nightclub snopes

  8. 7 days ago on Baby Trump

    Actually, the chances are rather good. According to Gallup, Trump’s latest job approval rating is 41%, date of poll: Jun 19-30, 2019. I am related to one in the 41%. The person likes Trump because of the high stock market. When money talks, everything else walks.

  9. 7 days ago on Tank McNamara

    “Just do it”, take a knee against gun violence. Get the entire stadium to take a knee against gun violence. Here in Chicago, 1,414 people have been shot this year. Source: CPD stats via Heyjackass.

  10. 7 days ago on Non Sequitur

    I want a glass half full but twice as large.