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Cat staff since 12 when a teacher gave me one of litter. Once married a cat that resembled the first, came up to the porch to join a party and stayed for 12 years. Of the 11 who have allowed us to serve, 10 have been rescues, and 6 Siamese(3 chocolate point, 2 chocolate Applehead, and 1 lilac). The first of the chocolate points was named by a rescuer - Cafe au Lait, and the Cafe name has continued in Cafe Latte, and Cafe Mocha. The rescues have not been sought but either given to us or came on their own. They seem to know when there is a vacancy and show up to fill it. While we mourn those that are gone, they are only physically gone. We still giggle over a roast dragged halfway across the floor, or pathetically meowing strained on a neighbor's roof only to be at the food dish minutes later. Same strained pathetic cat the next day. After a discussion with her about the neighbor cutting down the dogwood she used to get on the roof(he hated cats), she never climbed upon a roof again.

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  1. about 13 hours ago on Amanda the Great

    Do check your list. All my baking equipment was put away when I realized one person had been forgotten(one of these days I will remember to keep a list of all who got baked goods) and a family member requested springerlis.Love the holiday season with all of its wonderful warming aromas that fill the house.

  2. 2 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    Not sure when I discovered BCN, but was drawn to the watercolor, unique view point, and charming story lines. It is the first thing read in the morning. It wakes me up with a good attitude. Miss the pre-newspaper format, but can always go back to reread and remind me of how wonderful the strip is.

  3. 4 days ago on How to Cat

    With cats, it is not ’what’s inside’ but the ‘outside’ that’s important.

  4. 5 days ago on Cul de Sac

    PS – the secret to a good fruitcake is use the best bourbon you can afford. It does make a difference.

  5. 5 days ago on Cul de Sac

    Sorry that you had a bad experience with fruitcake. I am lucky, my grandmother made the best fruitcake and bourbon balls I have ever tasted.

  6. 6 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    Most plants contain some toxin. The bad news is that cats will nibble on most plants. The good news is that cats have delicate tummies and readily will regergerate those that are toxin.

  7. 6 days ago on Rose is Rose

    Two of the nicest things in the world: a supportive spouse and a Leaning Tree.

  8. 6 days ago on Over the Hedge

    If you look on the bright side of things, there is always a bright side.

  9. 6 days ago on Frank and Ernest

    Never thought of Sisyphus and Itsy Bitsy Spider in the same breath before but both show determination and Itsy Bitsy Spider is easier to pronounce.

  10. 6 days ago on Cul de Sac

    In defense of fruitcake. What is found at the grocery store is not worthy of the name fruit cake. A bad fruitcake is terrible; a good one is wonderful. Homemade that is begun in October using an angel food tube pan,allowed to age until Christmas with a jigger of quality bourbon in the center and served with hard sauce really is good. ‘Hard’ sauce is called hard because it is not a liquid nor does it contain whiskey.