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  1. over 3 years ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    “Another strip with no words at all. I kept the panel design extremely clean and simple, so nothing gets in the way of the frantic story. I’m very pleased with how each moment is distilled. A lot of experience fed into each picture by this point.”

    Bill Watterson

  2. over 3 years ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    “This was the first Calvin and Hobbes strip, published November 18, 1985. At the time, I thought it was important to establish how Calvin and Hobbes got together, but now I think this was unnecessary. Of course, when Calvin and Hobbes started, it appeared in about thirty-five newspapers, so not many people saw the first strip anyway. My hometown paper didn’t pick up the strip for several months, so I didn’t see this strip in the newspaper either. This is one reason I’ve been grateful for the book collections.”

    Bill Watterson

  3. almost 4 years ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    Watterson liked using old-fashioned devices in his comics because he thought they were funnier and had more personality to them.