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    All the days were only numbered and only the seventh was called the Sabbath. And although the days have pagan names as say “English language” the seventh day does in many languages other than English a variation of the word Sabbath.

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    God never changed the Sabbath day. In the year 300 Constantine in fear of loosing his kingdom began Sunday worship to unite the people. God is a God of order it’s his way hence the example of Cain and Abel. This is what Christ described as the following of the commandments and traditions of men. In many languages the word for the seventh day is a variation of the word Sabbath. Even if with Monday as the start of the week the language still depicts the true Sabbath. Choose who you want to follow comes to play here.

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    Reward if found….Jelly donut

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    Woody woodpecker “I can’t see a thing”

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    That’s what I must look like when those free to watch services mess up because of the commercial.

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    I always thought that the long shirts covered the short shorts. 50 years is my guess.

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    He’s got the wrong shirt he’s the perfect lovable loser.

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    They’ll probably just play with the box anyhow. Just get them a box.

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    Since I’ve gotten older and fatter I can relate