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  1. about 9 years ago on Robert Ariail

    No, because of Obamacare regs he didn’t have a choice. Dems in action

  2. over 9 years ago on Henry Payne

    Forecast for upcoming week in Omaha, Seven straight days in the fifties and sixties. HALELUHA!

  3. over 9 years ago on Nick Anderson

    Gonna slap a Honky tax on them, then were gonna makem go to Love Your Black Neighbor class. That’ll teachem.

  4. over 9 years ago on Kevin Kallaugher

    Doesn’t make the Brian Williams’ whoppers any more true though, does it?

  5. over 9 years ago on Lalo Alcaraz

    That’s what the Dems think anyway. They are busting their humps to get him defeated. Maybe if they were willing to spend all the money that they have directed to that purpose to properly arm the Kurds we would see more progress in that area of the world.

  6. over 9 years ago on Jack Ohman

    Very New Yorkerish Mr. Ohman. I like it.

  7. over 9 years ago on Jerry Holbert


  8. over 9 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    Thank you Michael for glimpse of sanity on this mostly otherwise ridiculous page of leftiness.

  9. over 9 years ago on Jen Sorensen

    Unions screwed themselves with their greed. They have long since outlived their usefulness.

  10. over 9 years ago on Ted Rall

    I love it.