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It is always the red one.

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    This is supremely perfect. The younger cheerleader would have mocked Bets for her cosplay, and her ditzy made-up variations on our language probably would have annoyed Bets, as well.

    Bets is a good influence who will promote more balance between work and play for Tiffany. Bets does play — a lot! — but she also cares about her grades.

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    Her overpronounced desire for Mom likes what I do…"

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    Good Bern. (up-thumb)

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    I get the feeling that Bernice’s mom never thanked her much for her organizational efforts. Like the silverware drawer incident here from before, there was probably a lot more clash than gratefulness.

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    Poor Bernie, just wanting to bake the cake and then eat it too.

    Those darn thieves… readers, that is. Luann in this case appears in the process of doing the right thing.

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    Sniffing books is good, so you know if you’ve got a handful of moldy parchment or not.