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  1. 8 days ago on Joel Pett

    Our right wing terrorists — even with Republican support — have proven mostly incompetent, but they are still # 1

    Detailed analysis from The Nation and Institute and Center for Investigative Reporting analyzed terrorist incidents in the US between 2008 and 2016 found:

    #1 – 115 Far right inspired terror incidents, causing 79 deaths. 35% of these were foiled, and 29% resulted in fatalities.

    #2 – 63 Islamist inspired terror incidents, causing 90 deaths. 76% of these were foiled, and 13% resulted in fatalities.

    #3 – 19 Far left inspired terror incidents, causing 7 deaths. 20% of these were foiled, and 10% resulted in fatalities.

    A lot has happened since 2016. Charlottesville, ISIS truck attack in NYC, the U.S. Capitol attack, and more. Overall the pattern is the same – the deadliest terrorists are right wing Americans

  2. 9 days ago on Matt Wuerker

    American History 101:

    The citizens of the United States have never gone more than twenty years without seemingly hopeless divides thrown up in our faces. Revolution, piracy, genocide, human bondage, civil war, endless wars, floods, fires, dust bowls, storms, lynching, apartheid, a myriad of mainstream religious sects, thousands of cults, the 1960s…

    Yet here we are still. It’s home, and we’re not going anywhere. Today’s divisions will have their turn, along with the doom-criers. I believe we somehow thrive on division, or thrive despite it.

  3. 10 days ago on Joel Pett

    And there you have it.

    The U.S. House of Representatives has always been a circus — a wonderful old school democratic-republican kind of Greatest Legislative Show on Earth. Anything could happen. Arguably, the majority of any given representative’s constituents could be as bat-s#it crazy as they are, so that’s just democracy in action.

    The U.S. Senate being infested with lunatics worries me more.

    Traditionally, the senate was the serious, grown-up side of Congress. Oligarch style sure, but the deliberations were based on regular facts – not alternative facts, which are actually lies.

  4. about 1 month ago on Michael Ramirez

    @Ammosexual •

    Darned tootin’! Anyone caught with illegal crucifixes should pay the appropriate penalty. Just like the sort of people who spread lies about our tried & true Trump Vaccines.

    The real President of the U S of A got his shots, and that’s good enough for me.

  5. about 1 month ago on Michael Ramirez

    No, I didn’t get anything wrong. The lies that you chose to ‘believe’ are your own business — if you keep them to yourself. Quiet now.

  6. about 1 month ago on Michael Ramirez

    Have you some sort of learning disability?

    Pew and others confirm that about 75% of immigrants to the U.S. are not Mexican citizens.

  7. about 1 month ago on Michael Ramirez

    “Research article on… Listen to what the actual people…”

    And how did you manage to research & listen? Facebook? Local T.V. news? Twitter? Reddit? 4/8 chan? Tik-tok? It’s all media.

    Personal interviews with all involved? Word of mouth? Hear it in your head?

    Try this instead:

  8. about 1 month ago on Michael Ramirez

    Quite right, [Neo is resident Master o’ Sarcasm] the majority of U.S. immigrants are not Mexican citizens.

    Umm, if President Biden is “transporting them to the different states”, that would mean that they are either in custody awaiting deportation, or are authorized to be here.

  9. about 1 month ago on Michael Ramirez

    Pay attention, son. Were that remotely true, it would be good news.

    But even here, making up lies in Klem’s head and spouting them out is taboo. Statistically speaking [wtf?], the sooner some of us are replaced, the better.

  10. about 1 month ago on Michael Ramirez


    • Authorized or legal U.S. foreign-born residents account for a little under 11% of us — 333 m / 35m

    • Unauthorized or illegal U.S. residents account for a little under 4% of us - 333 m / 12m

    When you die, you are ‘replaced’ by those who are born after you. If you have children, there’s your ‘replacement’. If you don’t have children, someone else will be your ‘replacement’, with a 15% chance that they will be a first generation American, same as it ever was here.

    If we are going to survive, we’ll need a whole lot more immigrants than are coming in now, as U.S. population growth is stalled at .35 %, the lowest it has been since

    - ever.

    Rooting for the decline of the U.S. population doesn’t seem to be much in line with the classic ‘American Spirit’ we often profess. The U.S. population accounts for a little over 4% of the world’s population — 333 m / 7.8b

    White people (caucasians, northern European descendants – whatever) are a small minority of the world’s population, and always have been. Who cares? Racists care, no one else. Eventually, everyone alive today will be ‘replaced’, and all ethnicity will continue mingling. If you need only ‘white’ people around you, you are living on the wrong planet. Here on Earth, you are outnumbered 6 to 1.

    Homo sapiens is the only real human ‘race’, and we are 99.9999999% the same.