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    Nope, raccoons carry more disease than you can shake a stick at and can be pesky little critters. But I don’t feel that gives me license to wipe them off the face of the earth. And I’ve been blessed to have lived in the country most all of my life. Again, doesn’t give me license to wreak havoc on the ecosystem, which does just fine without human interference and suffers to no end with it. A big problem for nature, in all its forms, is people who move to the country, but then don’t want to deal with what “the country” really is, but instead want to change (destroy) it to fit their small-minded, egocentric concept of what it should be. Even bigger problem is the corporations that rape the land for profit and will drag us all down as they clear cut, strip mine and pollute our air and water to no end. Have a good Sunday! ;-)

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    “That is why many farmers and other rural people firmly believe that the only good coyote is a dead coyote.” Just the ones who can’t understand or refuse to understand the complexity of nature and why ALL animals are vital to maintaining balance, including coyotes and wolves. Oh…and also those noble humans who just enjoy killing animals for “sport”.

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    If we all do even a little, it adds up to a huge amount, so kudos for any effort and don’t give up. This is one of my favorite quotes, I have it posted on my fridge:

    It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little – do what you can.

    Sydney Smith

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    My mother had many of the same traits and I miss and admire her more every day. Very, very nice…two thumbs up!!

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    Good one, but must have been written about a month ago, now that many places in U.S. are bribing people to get them to come in for the jab.

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    More than 250 mph??? Now that’s pretty doggone fast!!

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    I’m kinda on the fence about this one…mmm, on second thought…I like it!