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  1. over 8 years ago on Red and Rover

    Fishing….tie a string to your toe, find a shady tree, and take a nap. If a fish wants to commit suicide, he’ll tie a noose and hang himself.

  2. over 8 years ago on Cul de Sac

    As a child, about 9, I was enrolled in Cotillion. Ballroom dancing and manners. Being a TALL boy (I hit my full 6 foot height at 10) I was terribly embarrassed to dance with the short 4 foot girls. But, I found my best friend, a boy from another school, ho was equally tall. And, next year, we found 2 girls who sprouted up over summer. We were a foursome through HS.Hello Scooter, Peggy, and Cindy, where ever you are.

  3. over 8 years ago on Luann

    Luanne is leaving the same year as Fogerty? Might they end up in College together?

  4. over 8 years ago on Half Full

    It took her a village to get ready for her date. The entire beauty salon, manicure, pedicure, hair color, wash shampoo….Damn bachelor!

  5. over 8 years ago on Red and Rover

    Rover’ s stepmom is Red’s mom. He ought to go home and give her a big wet slobbering kiss.

  6. over 8 years ago on Fred Basset

    Just back from Dog Park. 2 terriers, my shepherd, and a dachshund knitted their leashes together in parking lot.

  7. over 8 years ago on Tank McNamara

    And….the other team hacks the system, and causes the Star Player to get pulled from the game for a concussion.

  8. over 8 years ago on Half Full

    Take a village in the Beauty Parlor.

  9. over 8 years ago on The Boondocks

    I learned COBOL when I got my Computer Degree in 73. Made a killing in 99. Heh, heh,.

  10. over 8 years ago on Frank and Ernest

    When I was 18 (1973), my grandma passed away and I received $1,000. I bought 2 stocks, Disney and Coke. Only reason was I figured they would never go broke. My brothers bought cars. Nyah!!!