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  1. 5 months ago on MythTickle

    ‘Mangaka’. Comic artist.

  2. over 6 years ago on Lio

    Make that ‘not especially well written’. And Speed Bump (which is brilliant), not so much Non Sequitur (which is just very good).

  3. over 6 years ago on Lio

    Be careful what you wish for. Pogo was inimitable. Even Kelly couldn’t keep it up; the last ten years or so, except for the Pandemonia sequence (based on his early advertisements for…was it Gulf Oil?), were pretty blah. And the posthumous Selby Kelly strips were godawful. I recall the Doyle & Sternecky revival as being excellently drawn but not especially written. And Tumbleweeds wasn’t very good in its last years either. What Watterson, Larson, and Breathed might feel like producing today could have little to do with what made them great in the first place. Though one can dream….

    And we do have panels like Bizarro and Non Sequitur that are as good in their own weird ways as Far Side was.

  4. over 6 years ago on Little Nemo

    I cringe whenever slavery in Slumberland comes up. This is the worst yet.

  5. over 6 years ago on Little Nemo

    Oh, those poor horses.

  6. over 6 years ago on Little Nemo

    Godzilla’s got nothing on Flip. Call the Japanese army before thousands more die!

  7. almost 7 years ago on Speed Bump

    That needs to be a real T-shirt.

  8. almost 7 years ago on Buni

    That’s not stubble, it’s craters.

  9. almost 7 years ago on Little Nemo

    We’ve seen before that the king of Slumberland has slaves. Giants holding up a roadway, for example.

  10. almost 7 years ago on Lio

    Better yet, don’t reply to comments, ever, until you learn not to be a patronizing, unpleasant, egotistical jerk. Your pseudoapology will do nothing but confirm to others that you are a nasty snob who thinks ‘honesty’ is a license to insult anyone who doesn’t know a fact that he does. You didn’t resort to namecalling? Baloney! Using ‘ignorance’ instead of ‘ignoramus’ doesn’t make it any less of a personal insult. You’d ‘rather be honest than pander’? So who asked you to be honest about your inflated ego? Who says politely informing someone is pandering? And why do you think the Tall Tale Magritte reference should have been helpful even if someone noticed it? stlmaddog5 needed to know about the Magritte painting, and you posted it; good for you, as far as that goes. You need to know that you have acted like a repellent prig, so I’ve added myself to the dogpile of people who have pointed out your rudeness, in hopes that it will increase the chances of your enlightenment. Also, to save you the trouble: tl;dr.