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  1. 5 months ago on Aunty Acid

    Printer ink should be number ONE!

  2. 5 months ago on Gary Varvel

    Whatta bunch of maroons…

  3. 6 months ago on Looks Good on Paper

    But mustn’t touch!

  4. 6 months ago on Michael Ramirez


  5. 6 months ago on Michael Ramirez

    Yup. Best numbers in employment ever. What’s Whatta rube! And all those accusations investigated a ad nauseam and proven that he’s aRussiansp…. wait… WHAT? After all the left’s incantations NO EVIDENCE of anything? Gotta start a new round of mainstream media bait. We gonna get him THIS time!

  6. 7 months ago on Gary Varvel

    It’s sure comforting to know there’s a guy like you to ’splain everything to the rest of us great unwashed. Sheeesh

  7. 7 months ago on Michael Ramirez


  8. 7 months ago on Andy Capp

    Hawaiian nose flute….

  9. 7 months ago on Bottomliners

    Schiff is a lying penis with ears.

  10. 8 months ago on Henry Payne

    Claudio… if you have a problem with your first name friends Henry, take your own advice… DON’T READ!