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    We also keep a battery charger for the phones and I have my scanner radio on my phone so we can pick up the local police channels. I used to have a NOAA weather alert radio and it was terrible! You had to test it every week or the alarm would go off, usually in the middle of the night or when we weren’t home, if I forgot, and the poor animals would just freak because it was so loud! I ended up getting rid of that in a hurry. Awful thing.

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    Oh no! I hope she comes back. There’s no one to protect the babies while dad hunts for food. What a job he’ll have while she’s missing. She must be down somewhere. They need search parties out!!

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    My mother was a Rosie!! At the Willow Run plant. My dad went to work there as well while he kept trying to enlist. That’s where they met. He built the engines, she ran the dyno. One day, an oil line blew off one of the motors she was running and spewed oil all over her and in her eyes. They rushed her through his department to medical, he watched her go by and decided he was going to marry her. They were married 44 years.

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    Awww!! Poor Owen!!

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    I know Sophie only has one eye, but why is she drawn with only half a mouth?

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    I three uncles in WWII and my 97yo father in law served in the Pacific. One of my uncles escaped a brutal POW camp by poisoning his immediate barracks guards with a potato mash (he worked in the kitchen.) My dad tried to enlist repeatedly but they wouldn’t take him because he’d had polio as a baby and didn’t walk until he was three. He tried to explain that he’d rodeo’d as well as trick rode, clowned, worked cattle and a dozen other things that didn’t bother his back at all but they didn’t care. He kept trying anyway. I still have all the rejections. I’m not sure why he kept them.

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    “A friend of Freddie Quinn’s who went to the Big War and never came back” and I burst into tears. I have no idea why this affected me so this morning, but I am just bawling here. Georgia pushed my baggage button big time today :(

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    [singing] I thrill when I drill a bicuspid / It’s swell though they tell me I’m mal-ad-just-ed.

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