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  1. 7 months ago on In Security

    Oh lord! Ellie’s about to go Lina Inverse, isn’t she?

  2. 11 months ago on In Security

    I want to say it now: Ellie is a total narcissist. Looking at the couples dynamics (married w/ kids, married no kids), I think Ellie and Hubbs will wind up divorced. Ellie isn’t stupid; she’s self-absorbed to the point of oblivious.

  3. 11 months ago on In Security

    She’s worse than that: Ellie is a textbook narcissist. Everything is about her.

  4. over 1 year ago on In Security

    I think Ellie is a little too dense to realize what she’s done.I bet it’s a football metaphor that he’s leaving to pursue his goal.For Hubbs: he means that he’s going to go for a football draft and will return home.But to Ellie she’ll interpret it as Hubbs abandoning her.I’m guessing since this couple’s biggest problem is that they cannot understand each other, that this will continue to be an issue until resolved through compromise, or termination of the relationship.

  5. over 1 year ago on In Security

    Hubs tried talking to her.

    Ellie didn’t listen.

    He tried using an item (the lamp), to provide a visual aid to what he was saying.

    Ellie still didn’t listen.

    Using a note was the only option here because she’s forced to (finally) listen and address Hubbs’s problems.

    Is it wussing out when it’s the only option that provides results?

  6. over 1 year ago on In Security

    I don’t know how things will go, but I feel that things will come to a head, and Ellie will refuse to make any compromise (“It’s for the baaaaby”)At that point, Hubbs will need to make a choice: stay with the uncompromising Ellie and have his dreams eternally quashed, or leave and never see Al again.I am willing to bet that Ellie will fully embrace the single, hardworking mother stereotype and delude herself into always being right. And that it’s Hubbs’s fault she and Al are so miserable.

    Ellie’s issue is that she didn’t marry Hubbs; she married an unrealistic idea.

    Besides, the only marriage archetype missing is the divorced couple.

  7. almost 2 years ago on In Security

    Seems like it’s affecting the entire site. Assets are not loading

  8. about 2 years ago on In Security

    The interesting thing about people is that we all eventually have to sleep. And the longer we go without sleep, the deeper we slip into it when we finally take that long-overdue nap.

  9. over 2 years ago on Luann

    I had a friend in college who pulled this. Our dorm had thin walls so I could hear EVERYTHING. So, I exacted revenge by getting a can of what I can only describe as anti-Febreze: a sulfuric aerosol potent enough that one spray could clear a normal-sized room. Our dorms were half the size of a normal bedroom. Every time I heard their gymnastics, I would quietly spray a puff of this evil odor through the bottom crack of their door. The smell was never brought up, but I assume they quickly found somewhere else to practice because I never heard such noises again.

  10. over 2 years ago on Working Daze

    With Romy’s little fit, I fear how many Sandler films we will have to deal with this time.