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  1. 4 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    KK sleeps wrapped around my arm for about an hour then with the changing of the cats her sister Meav takes over until his Majesty runs everyone off and claims his spot between me and Jasper.

  2. 13 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    My fire extinguishers are under the kitchen sink, in the master bedroom (the electrical panel is in there), in the office where my computer is, in my garage with the tools and one in my car. I haven’t had to replace them yet because Kidde keeps having recalls one them.

  3. 19 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    You mean pooed.

  4. 20 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    We used to keep the beer cold in the snow after the blizzard. Of course we were very exact in where we put it. Can’t lose the beer to the snow now can one.

  5. 20 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    My grandmother taught me. Always have 3 months of food and supplies in your home. You never know what could be around the corner. Of course she grew up during the Depression but I took her lessons to heart.

  6. 20 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    Those of us with older houses that kept our wells are very happy about it during storms. I have city water but the well water is hooked up to the exterior faucets and can easily be switched to the inside water supply if needed. I also have septic and don’t have problems with it and love not paying the bill. Oh yeah and the whole house natural gas generator insures everything runs smoothly if all else fails.

  7. 21 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    My napping/sleeping partner is a 190lb Great Dane that snuggles on top of me. Three of the cats will snuggle along with Jasper and on top of Jasper too. Cold or hot I get snuggle partners.

  8. 22 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    So you produced enough gas to light up the whole area for a week huh?

  9. 23 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    My parents buy beer by the keg (16 gallons). Every 10 days like clockwork. If a blizzard is coming they buy 6 cases or so extra.

  10. 23 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    Yes LPG. The propane forklifts used to get stuck outside when certain people I worked with were too lazy to bring them into the heated warehouse when it got really cold. On morning shift we would have to bring the propane tanks inside to thaw them out before we could load trucks. It would have been much easier to drive the whole forklift inside.