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  1. 40 minutes ago on Phoebe and Her Unicorn

    Probably not, but once you’ve seen a unicorn, everything else seems kinda banal, y’know?

  2. 41 minutes ago on Breaking Cat News

    “I DON’T KNOW WHY I DO THIS STUFF!”: A phrase I may have said to myself… on more than a few occasions….

  3. about 1 hour ago on New Adventures of Queen Victoria

    An urban legend states that D.B. Cooper changed his name to Tommy Wiseau and used the money to fund a really, really bad movie.

  4. about 1 hour ago on Frazz

    Today’s forecast: Partly mostly, with a 70% chance of there being a 30% chance of not happening.

  5. about 1 hour ago on Frazz

    I’m sure he’s down there somewhere, screaming up at us.

  6. about 1 hour ago on Frazz

    And a 100% chance of something.

  7. about 1 hour ago on Lio

    I believe Ishy is hanging out in today’s “Calvin and Hobbes”.

  8. about 1 hour ago on Doonesbury

    I don’t like close things around my neck either, but that was because of Catholic school and those horrible uniforms. Pretty sure I’ve never stolen a horse.

  9. about 1 hour ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    Allowance, capitalism, and no.

  10. about 23 hours ago on Matt Wuerker

    The really funny thing is that it took Giuliani all of two sentences to contradict himself. I guess when truth isn’t truth, it doesn’t matter what you say anymore.