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I'm Tom Servo, man about satellite. Well, I used to be, until Mike trashed the thing. Now we live in his smelly apartment where he throws his underwear around and dumps rice on the floor, and Crow will never shut up. I wonder where Joel and Gypsy are?

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Recent Comments

  1. about 8 years ago on The Argyle Sweater

    What a rip-off, the welcome kit doesn’t even come in a kit box.

  2. about 8 years ago on Thin Lines

    4445, 4446, 4447…

  3. about 8 years ago on Nest Heads

    Wish I could do that, but most book stores put a sticker on the book saying “So and so recommends this book.” When you try to take it off it peels the cover off too, so you’re stuck walking around with a big honking sticker on your book saying that it was recommended by someone.

  4. about 8 years ago on Overboard

    Aren’t the mice like 70 percent of the jokes nowadays? So exterminating them wouldn’t really do any good.

  5. about 8 years ago on Garfield Minus Garfield

    I wish it was the weekend. Bad timing of this strip.

  6. about 8 years ago on Garfield

    Well, I hope we get to see Nermal in the birthday strips.

  7. about 8 years ago on Big Nate

    School Picture Guy makes everything better.