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  1. about 4 hours ago on Matt Davies

    I’d like to get him to swallow a pill . . .his “followers” swallowed it hook line and sinker – so to speak. Is it not interesting how we call them followers – not voters, pretty much like all 2-bit leaders.

  2. about 4 hours ago on Jeff Danziger

    Slip of the tongue.

  3. about 4 hours ago on Overboard

    He should know.

  4. about 4 hours ago on Rose is Rose

    Or you had your cataracts fixed and the new lenses give you new insight.

  5. about 4 hours ago on Bloom County 2018

    Speak for thy self. Every strip(Ha ha) is penguin porn. I love it . Keep it coming Berkeley!

  6. about 4 hours ago on Chan Lowe

    Incredible isn’t it. All brought to you by the “Christian Right” in Gods name of course. He speaks to them and them only – not you Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Unitarians and of course the un-churched – heaven forbid.

  7. 1 day ago on Jim Morin

    There were plenty of them, and they have spawned a new generation -conceived in hate and dedicated to the proposition that only white men shall rule our country. Rich white men.

  8. 1 day ago on Jeff Danziger

    More like a finger puppet. ( I won’t say which one)

  9. 1 day ago on Tom Toles

    You should have stopped at “idiot”

  10. 1 day ago on In the Bleachers

    This is going to hurt!