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  1. over 1 year ago on FoxTrot

    or To: will

  2. about 2 years ago on FoxTrot

    Welcome to the block schedule. My middle schooler has 8 classes.

  3. over 2 years ago on Dog Eat Doug

    JOHN WILEY pointed out that looks like a drip system

  4. over 2 years ago on Luann

    There are also religions that believe that the position of the body leads to a a more full action of the prayer. So you kneel or bow to show reverence, fold your hands to direct your thoughts, raise them in supplication etc.

    Once you’ve worn make-up or a type of clothing, lived in a certain type of housing, driven a certain type of vehicle, or ANYthing for long enough it becomes part of you psyche. To change you look is to change your mind, change you actions, and vice versa.

  5. over 2 years ago on FoxTrot

    Except that a single great white would die in a tank 3 times that size. And they do — every time we’ve tried to hold them they get hurt and if we keep them, die.

  6. over 2 years ago on Pearls Before Swine

    ditto. It’s already here. I disabled my mic to stop Google assistant from trying to look stuff up for me but I still get ads for things I’ve talked about around the phone. Yesterday my husband changed his mind while on the way to a location, and canceled his navigation, so the next time he started it up, it asked if he still wanted to go there.

  7. over 2 years ago on Pearls Before Swine

    or “… thought I could clear out all the ones out of focus and with fingers in them.”

  8. over 2 years ago on Cul de Sac

    My mom used to say that she thought her name was “Michael-Shirley-Joyce-I-mean-Rita” when she was little. I think she was only part joking ;)

  9. over 2 years ago on Get Fuzzy

    As much as he needs to leave any lard based sugar flavored candy sitting there and not come back for it, I’d leave it lay for the first panel more than anything. Based on the box, looks like it’s from China. And I figure if they don’t mind killing their own babies with tainted milk and cadmium jewelry they don’t give a flying flip about me or mine!

    When we go through our kids’ candy bags at Halloween, we toss anything made in China right along with the messed up wrapper items.

  10. over 2 years ago on Close to Home

    It’s unframed, or in a shadow frame. Thick but clear Lucite blocks are currently popular today as well. Other than that, early paintings were on wooden blocks, not canvas. No reason an artist couldn’t do a throwback.

    Just because you aren’t used to seeing it doesn’t make it something else.