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Bible college graduate Army veteran Working IT support in the People's Republic of California

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  1. 4 days ago on Frazz

    Hamms, the Beer Refreshing


  2. 11 days ago on Loose Parts

    The phones are a waste of taxpayer money, but then, what else is new?

  3. 18 days ago on Pearls Before Swine

    Since it appears to be a tribal language name, why not ask a member of the tribe that created it how the word should be pronounced?

  4. about 1 month ago on Working Daze

    He tried to take a nap while already asleep, causing a rift in the continuum…

  5. about 1 month ago on Wizard of Id

    After cleaning the cannon from any debris form the last firing, using multiple implements including both wet and dry sponges, the order is:

    load the powder bag(s), ramming it or them in place for a tight fit

    load the actual shot (cannonball) , ramming it in place for a tight fit (surprisingly, the tight fit causes the explosion to do less potential damage to the barrel)

    piercing the powder bag with a wire down the vent hole

    placing the quick match\fuse in the vent hole, making contact with the powder

    touching a lit coal which is at one end of a rod called a linstock to the match, thus igniting the powder, firing the cannon, and sending the shot toward the enemy

  6. 2 months ago on Frazz

    A big word can take the place of several smaller words, but its usefulness is limited to those who already know what the big word means.

  7. 3 months ago on Frazz

    However, it is possible to get everything dirty without getting anything clean.

  8. 4 months ago on Luann

    Mark Twain first described an earworm in 1876 in his short story, “A Literary Nightmare”, later republished as “Punch, Brothers, Punch”.

    Apparently, it is no longer possible to post links in the comment boxes, so I’m sorry you’ll have to do the search for yourselves.

  9. 4 months ago on Frazz

    Oh, yeah? Well,

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  10. 4 months ago on Working Daze

    50 quadrillion gigabytes = 50 trillion terabytes (the Library of Congress is estimated to be 10 terabytes)