Urbane Gorilla Free

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  1. about 12 hours ago on Widdershins

    If ya got it, flaunt it.

  2. about 16 hours ago on Kid Beowulf

    Panel 1, Mt Fuji in the background…

  3. about 23 hours ago on Widdershins

    I don’t like the way Harry’s pointing that gun all over the place. She needs a firearms safety class.

  4. 2 days ago on Endtown

    The way Kirbee’s putting away the groceries, do you think she’s preggers?

  5. 6 days ago on Endtown

    Back to canned beans.

  6. 6 days ago on Endtown

    Those are gingerbread Topsiders.

  7. 6 days ago on Kid Beowulf

    Not how we do it at all.

  8. 6 days ago on Endtown

    We shoulda known that wouldn’t last.

  9. 8 days ago on Endtown

    He said it was a bad dream I wouldn’t worry ’bout it none, though Them old dreams are only in your head

  10. 9 days ago on Endtown

    Wally must be going through some heavy cat-tharsis.