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The piano is a good fit for me--I'm usually keyed up! :-) lol

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  1. 6 days ago on Overboard

    The same with our dog. She is half Husky and half Lab. My poor wife—she has an acute sense of smell whereas I do not. Our dog’s farts can practically knock you over according to her. :-)

  2. 14 days ago on Overboard

    Onions and garlic do not exactly endear you to anyone. Your breath could be a regarded as a weapon!

  3. 23 days ago on Overboard

    You’ll have a dire fate if you mess with Nate! :-)

  4. about 1 month ago on Overboard


  5. about 1 month ago on Pickles

    One afternoon I went to a barber out of town. I had entered the shop with two eye brows. When I left I had one and a half!

  6. about 2 months ago on Herman

    The “C word” can send a chill down your spine whenever we hear it.

  7. about 2 months ago on Herman

    A few years ago my wife and I were going to bed when I told her that I had some pain in my chest. I insisted that it had been nothing more than a bad gas attack. She on the other hand was convinced that I was having a heart attack and wanted me to go to the hospital. But I refused. My way of thinking was that I did not want to make a mountain out of a molehill, so to speak. I kept insisting the problem was simply gas. It turned out later that I had indeed have a heart attack. Sometimes we guys just shrug off all this stuff much to our own peril.

  8. about 2 months ago on Overboard

    I like pasta but love the meatballs!

  9. about 2 months ago on Herman

    My oncologist once told me that my cancer had spread to my liver—four tumors. I asked him point blank if I had cancer in that organ. But after an MRI on the liver it was determined that that it was not in my liver and had only spread to the lymph node system. After three surgeries I have been cancer free since October, 2000. Doctors do make mistakes. I had medullary thyroid cancer. My oncologist had arranged to have me get modified chemo. But alas it turned out that I did not need it nor radiation. It is a bit unnerving to be basically told that you are dying. I thank God that he had been mistaken!

  10. about 2 months ago on Pickles

    Yes, it made wearing shorts a real challenge!