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  1. about 23 hours ago on Cul de Sac

    Hmmmm… Being from a Flemish manuscript, I would expect the original name to sound like Middle Dutch… something like “Kleine Neuro”.

    “Petit Neureaux” is what I would have expected from a Walloon manuscript, that is, from the Southern, French part of present-day Belgium, rather than Flemish (from the Northern, Dutch part).

  2. 3 days ago on Get Fuzzy

    “There was/is plenty of ‘evidence’, and people willing to go to jail for perjury to back it up.”

    And the Trump campaign and supporters had the chance to present all that evidence in the more than 60 lawsuits that they presented in courts at all levels, mostly presided by Republican judges, many of them appointed by Trump.

    And yet, the only case they won amounted to a few dozen votes not getting counted.  All the other cases were dropped, ruled against the Trump camp, or flat out dismissed by the mostly-conservative courts.

    So much for the kraken they promised you.

    It’s time for you to wake up and smell the coffee: they lied to you to get you fired up. And now that their plan backfired, they are abandoning you.

  3. 3 days ago on Big Nate: First Class

    The coed locker rooms did sound kind of intriguing…  ;^p

  4. 5 days ago on Cul de Sac

    Yeah, I was wondering… I that what all the kids were enthralled with?

  5. 7 days ago on The Buckets

    There’s a link on Dilbert Classics that points to the Dilbert website. It’s among the ad-looking links to Dilbert books and other Dilbert-themed merchandise.

    In fact, before GoComics started re-running Dilbert in the Classics page, GoComics had the regular Dilbert on the list of comics, but it was linked directly to the Dilbert website. It was… disconcerting…  (°_°)

  6. 8 days ago on One Big Happy

    For those reading this in the future, when the AZcentral link no longer works:


  7. 9 days ago on Frank and Ernest

    Are you hungry, Qiset?

    Or do you just have a sweet tooth?   8^p

  8. 9 days ago on Cul de Sac

    Yes, and it worked great, at least for Madeleine (and for Kevin) since no she knows that she should not allow Alice to visit Kevin and his puppy.

  9. 9 days ago on Over the Hedge

    You can also get them online, in sites like Amazon.

    But yeah, I have never seen them in stores. On the other hand, I wasn’t looking for them, in part because I also didn’t know they existed until today.

  10. 9 days ago on Stone Soup Classics

    There he is. For all of you claiming that Phil had not yet been introduced to the Stone Soup Classics re-runs.

    Jan simply used a clever plot device to get Val and Phil’s relationship moving.