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  1. almost 10 years ago on Pickles

    I don’t even GET this strip today. It’s WEIRD and I mean really odd. WHY Paradise? Is it b/c there’s so many oldsters living there and subsequently DYING there? But why comment on it unless he had someone die there, recently and wants to make light of it…Sure, I lived there in Jr high school in the early 70’s and we HATED it (“we” meaning us Jr Hi girls). I mean, it was all the “old ppl” and it was really really RUN w/them. But now, it’s different. When I go to visit, I really love it. There is a total peacefulness about the place (oh—peace in death?) and still I hear Hi School and younger kids saying how BORING it is. Still. But why the Paradise= death commentary? A childhood friend is moving back this month to work. How things change—our attitudes and such. There are a LOT of artists living there now and moving away from such areas as Santa Cruz (where I am) to just live there. Hmmm. I just wonder. I know it’s HELL for the younger ppl but…well, I guess I really AM “older” now. Sigh.