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  1. about 19 hours ago on Endtown

    The being has possessed that Topsider. As longtime Endtown readers know, the possessed Topsider has a Zero Knife, which is the only instrument that can cut through the material in those bio suits. Chaos will ensue in 3, 2…..

  2. 3 days ago on Wizard of Id

    One way to make that wizard’s duel more interesting, throw in Mad Madame Mim from ‘The Sword In The Stone’ to duel the winner…or would that bring the duel to a screeching halt? You never knew with that old gal.

  3. 4 days ago on Rip Haywire

    Last sound this goon hears before KA-lights-out.

  4. 6 days ago on The Duplex

    So much for being silver-tongued to get out of a speeding ticket, Eno, it’s about as effective as your pick-up lines at the bar. On the bright side, the cop won’t bust you upside the chops like the ladies do, but you do get parted from your money via a little piece of paper.

  5. 6 days ago on Dogs of C-Kennel

    Trust me pup, Will knows how to deal out aggression that’ll teach you the difference between “microaggression” and “macroaggression” pronto.

  6. 8 days ago on Aunty Acid

    Aunty, I’ll let you in on a little secret; those of us who are genuine bad-asses don’t need constant affirmation from others.

  7. 8 days ago on Harley

    Harley is going to need an ocean of aloe to soothe that burn, make that more than an ocean. In the famous phrasing of the Rip Haywire comic strip; KA-ZING!

  8. 13 days ago on Endtown

    Someone doesn’t appreciate what Wally has done, and I’m not talking about the Topsider discovering he’s mutated.

  9. 13 days ago on Aunty Acid

    Excuses, excuses.

  10. 15 days ago on Rip Haywire

    One does wonder if monologuing villains ever get the notion that they going to get clobbered in mid-sentence. I guess it depends on the villain, for Snidley Whiplash is more likely to get a bust in the chops while he does his chin boogie than Emperor Sheev Palpatine.