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Kip W Free

"It was hell," recalls former child. (—B. Kliban)

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  1. about 5 hours ago on Prickly City

    Looks like Freddy Morgan behind her. Well, Homer and Jethro were legends. I got to see them live, right at the end of their career, and they could still sing, and pick, and bow (they had a table full of string instruments they’d switch between), and put down the heckler whose words I couldn’t hear.

    I’m not all that wild about the song any more, though I laughed at it a lot in high school, because almost everything they accuse the opera of is made up.

  2. about 10 hours ago on Prickly City

    I’ll bet lots of people would happily plan his sendoff.

    Randy Rainbow gave him a sendoff today. About 2/3 of the way through, I realized I was hearing the last RR song about 45, “during.” Not providing a link, because you can probably type RANDY RA and it will start showing up before you type the I.

  3. about 10 hours ago on Prickly City

    I see that she sang with Spike on the radio, but I can’t find her covering the song. (And I’ve looked for other things on the internet of whose existence I was certain, with no success, so I’m just saying I can’t, at this time.)

  4. about 10 hours ago on Prickly City

    The nuclear suitcase should have a stricter protocol. I’m thinking maybe one where the Executive has to be able to recite six, or even seven, words.

  5. about 15 hours ago on Prickly City

    Nah, just lazy.

  6. about 15 hours ago on Prickly City

    Same way you know violence is rare among those with Affluenza, I guess, with fewer bolded letters.

  7. about 16 hours ago on Prickly City

    “Seven hours later

    We’re still in the durn the-A-ter

    Takin turns a-nappin’,

    Waitin’ fer sumthin’ to happen…"

    — “Pal-Yat-Chee” (Spike Jones with Homer & Jethro)

  8. about 17 hours ago on Prickly City

    Carter was shot in the foot repeatedly by Americans. I think they called themselves patriots. Today you’ll find them where rich people live, all of them having done rather well during their unselfish service to their country.

  9. about 17 hours ago on Prickly City

    Think of what they’re missing, poor souls:

    MELANIA (staring downward throughout, unsmiling): Here is another room. This is (glances in) table room. There’s table. Down hall are more doors with more rooms. TV room, rug room, window room. On other floors are more halls. Housekeeping can tell you.

  10. about 17 hours ago on Prickly City

    And Parler is managing to get going again with help from patriotic friends who will host the all-American fake twitter from Russia, where they can see Sarah Palin’s place.