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  1. over 5 years ago on Non Sequitur

    Where’s the “Super Duper Pooper Scooper”?

  2. over 5 years ago on Non Sequitur

    Not always; my school system had us at mandatory professional educations seminars or meetings on Columbus Day and Martin Luther King Day. Kids were out for Parent-Teacher Conference Day (and we had to stay Thursday until 7:30 pm and be on site at 7:30 a.m. Friday.

  3. over 5 years ago on Luann

    I’m betting many of Pru’s friends are in theater arts. This will fit in with Luann’s interest in set design and art. Bernice will try to analyze everyone. They’ll run into Delta at a Bernie or Hillary rally.

  4. over 5 years ago on Non Sequitur

    Only in Bloom County

  5. over 5 years ago on Luann

    Oh, people this is a set up. Piro will come in, see Gunther with the present beside him and assume Gunther is gay, and makes a play for him just as Tiff walks back in the room.

  6. over 5 years ago on Luann

    Borrowed it from Hair.

  7. over 5 years ago on For Better or For Worse

    ditto—hauling laundry loads up and down stairs is a right royal pain. My dream house has the washer/dryer in the walk-in closet.

  8. over 5 years ago on Luann

    Hmmm. Quill’s show folds, and he ends up stalking Luann and Bernice in NYC. Delta comes to NYC with a group of students to protest a Trump event, gets roughed up by KKK, tossed out, and rescued by L & B. Pru hooks them up with friends, who think L & B are a couple. L & B have a grand time sans guys, but get horribly mugged on their last evening.

  9. over 5 years ago on For Better or For Worse

    It can be done. My brother and I had tried for 6 years to get our elderly parents out of their century-old huge four bedroom, two story house. Then our little sister came to visit for a week and not only convinced them they needed to move, but by the time she left they had a contract on a mid-century 3 bedroom that they both loved.

  10. over 5 years ago on Luann

    The Oklahoma paper that carries the LUANN Sunday strip didn’t print this cartoon; they printed a past cartoon that had Luann waffling between going to college in a year and a half or getting married (to Quill) right after high school and settling down to raise a family.