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  1. over 5 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    Interesting theories.

    A bill that the people (by the numbers) did not want. Pushed through the Legislature by one party. Built on lies (witness Bart Stupak) to placate anyone who actually held to a principle. The following elections result in the legislators who pushed the bill through falling to people who promised to repeal. And yet, the representatives of the people ought not to represent their constituents.

    Interesting indeed.

    And as to the car in the showroom… Could be, could be. Until the next business cycle, at which point that showroom would be under new management. Maybe it would be less politically confrontational if Ramirez had drawn a bricked Tesla?

  2. about 7 years ago on Brewster Rockit

    Um, if they’re keeping with Pluto, shouldn’t we actually be looking for something a bit more… Roman?

  3. almost 8 years ago on Stone Soup

    Crabs in a bucket. If one tries to crawl out, the others drag in back down.