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  1. over 7 years ago on Lisa Benson

    dtroutma, you exonerate the president by claiming that these are not his policies alone. You forget that Mr. Obama promised all sorts of change, and then upheld the status quo—all the while whining that his failures are anyone’s fault but his own. Why can’t you see that the current president sold you a lie? You bought a pig in a poke, and even now that it is painfully obvious that the bag held a cat instead of a hog, you continue to blame everyone else but the man who is in charge. The people who should be shouting the loudest for impeachment should be those that were hoodwinked; instead, they close their eyes to reality and keep chanting the failed mantra of hope and change. Your cause is hopeless as long as you continue to cling to your faith in Barrack Hussein Obama.

  2. over 7 years ago on Lisa Benson

    Apparently it only took the people of Egypt a single year to realize their big mistake. They must be a lot smarter than most Americans, who after four years, are just barely realizing that they got duped into electing and re-electing the most brazenly socialist, utterly incompetent, morally corrupt, lying, degenerate, ruthless, disingenuous, arrogant, ignorant, secretive, plundering, quid-pro-quoing, worthless, piece of human flotsam ever to rise to the top of the craven morass of sewage that is modern politics. In case you’re one of those morons dumb enough to vote for him twice, I have to tell you straight out: I’m talking about Barrack Hussein Obama.

  3. over 7 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    The free market and basic economics are all you need to know in order to predict the future. Investors will put money into whatever process produces the most energy for the least amount of cost. Oil has always been a winner because it has the greatest amount of stored energy and is cheap to pull out of the ground and refine. The problem with all these green initiatives that the prez champions is they take a whole lot of input to get out a comparatively small amount of energy. To make green energy sources more worthwhile, Mr. Obama has focused on increasing the costs of traditional energy sources like oil while getting taxpayers to subsidize green energy resources like solar. The result is painfully obvious: energy prices for the average American continue to skyrocket, while green energy investment fails over and over again. Mr. Obama’s solution: Quick—-kill the oil pipeline from Canada and block all natural gas operators!

  4. over 7 years ago on Gary Varvel

    The people of our country are fine with giving up their freedoms in exchange for a perception of increased security. The framers of the Constitution foresaw our day and lamented our choices. We are no longer a free country; we are citizens in a cage built out of taxes by an increasingly fascist government. The current president is merely one of the evidences of how corrupt we have become as a people. We will all be like California and New York soon. Say goodbye to your personal freedoms and hello to Big Brother.

  5. almost 8 years ago on Lisa Benson

    Don’t know why the Democrat party is so dead-set against harvesting the bountiful sources of energy with which we are so richly blessed. Their priorities seem to be something about worshiping mother earth and lambasting business and denigrating hard-working Americans. Too bad they seem to outnumber and out-vote the rest of us who have enough sense to realize that our country is in a death-spiral and are trying to fix the real problems out there.

  6. almost 8 years ago on Gary Varvel

    Credibility and Accountability from Mr. Obama? Never! The man leads by disinformation and expects his underlings and cronies to do the same. He has planted the seeds of corruption in our current government, and is harvesting what he has sown.

  7. almost 8 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    President Obama is giving Presidents Harding and Taft a strong challenge for worst president ever! Keep it up Mr. Obama!

  8. almost 8 years ago on Jerry Holbert

    Welcome to the new order, comrade. Glorious leader Mr. Obama demands that you only publish his version of the truth from now on. Is okay with you, right? Good boy. Have some extra rubles (i.e. devalued U.S. dollars)

  9. almost 8 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    I look forward to the day when the truth is revealed. I think a lot of Obama apologists will be absolutely stunned at the sheer volume of deceit they have swallowed and unknowingly defended.

  10. almost 8 years ago on Steve Breen

    I’m surprised that more leftists aren’t enraged over the verdict. All he did was kill the child after it was born. Same thing as killing the child while still in the womb, really.