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  1. 10 days ago on Kliban

    Clearly I need to visit better bars.

  2. 14 days ago on Off the Mark


  3. about 1 month ago on Kliban

    Thats it, put that degree to work for you

  4. about 1 month ago on Eyebeam Classic

    learning by osmosis

  5. 2 months ago on PC and Pixel

    the BIG BANG is One event that started everything. ONE.

  6. 3 months ago on The Fusco Brothers

    We just saw Perry Mason and now Matlock is on. I object.

  7. 3 months ago on Kliban's Cats

    There’s one in every crowd

  8. 4 months ago on Lug Nuts

    why don’t you give him a hand young lady?

  9. 4 months ago on Moderately Confused

    There is a company BRINGING THEM TO OKLAHOMA city. Yesterday the first person got hurt bad enough to go to the hospital. And so it begins.

  10. 4 months ago on Pickles

    Thats it. Now I’m going to watch the Lebowski movie.