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  1. about 7 hours ago on The Buckets

    But if all that had not happened – think how different the world would be when all those people would have died in the famine!

  2. about 8 hours ago on Arlo and Janis

    I consider them lucky to have a child. Husband and I have not been that fortunate – and when it was time to consider adopting, husband was unwell for a few years so we have none. I am his child and he is mine.

  3. about 8 hours ago on Rose is Rose

    We bought cans of brown gravy during the pandemic. Husband assumed that meant it was “beef” gravy and was very disappointed to find out it was a beef gravy with onions added – guess who had to use up the brown gravy!

  4. about 8 hours ago on Rose is Rose


    OH!! Another Murdoch fan!! I had started watching the reruns on late night TV (I am in the USA, you may be in Canada where there are new episodes) and my husband got caught up in it. He finds places to record them from and see newer episodes. The reruns are on at 2 am on the local ABC affiliate and at 4 am on Cozi TV.

    Then one night I heard Murdoch’s voice when it when not on! I found a TV series he did just before Murdoch – Sue Thomas, FBeye. Amazing how different and yet the same he can play the 2 different characters in two different places (though set in Washington DC Sue was filmed mostly in Toronto) and two different eras just as well!

    And to tie it all together – in the Sue Thomas show one of the occasional characters wears a pork pie hat!

  5. about 8 hours ago on Rose is Rose

    I did my changeover Sunday in my little teddy bear village. The summer children’s show (featuring baby Fozzie Bear and a piano playing bear to accompany him) and the summer concert at the town gazebo (originally intended by mfr to be a bird feeder) were stored away, as was the craft show and the cubs were set up going to back to school (school being held outside of the building so “they are not inside and do not have to mask”) and the mom bears are sitting around on the park benches enjoying the cubs being in school. Over near the Silver Bears (seniors) sales booth there is a farmer’s market with bears selling their produce. There is a book club under the tree in the center of town (soon to be the Christmas tree again as it was intended to be) and the twin artists are setup on the other side of the tree painting portraits of bears who want to have one of themselves.

    Downstairs I have another set of bears (these are all ceramic ones from a set by an specific artist) and the August bears were stored away. The back to school, produce carrying bears and the bears related to building/selling houses (we bought our house in a September) are set up for the month.

    If we didn’t have these little ceramic and toy bears we would have gone crazy over the pandemic – but we can visit with them when we need to.

  6. about 8 hours ago on Rose is Rose

    Do people actually just eat leftovers and not save for other meals, let alone eat other than at the kitchen (or dining room) table?

    We never did that growing up nor do so now. Tonight my dinner included the (intentional) leftovers from takeout Sunday night plus chicken I cooked for tonight. (Most nights I cook a separate dinner for me from that I cook for husband – including tonight.)

  7. about 8 hours ago on Rose is Rose

    Husband’s niece has to do has her homework on the computer – even more so last year when all her schoolwork was on same. Lots of calls to husband to help as SIL and BIL don’t know much about computers or anything else. Husband had to bring me into the deal to help with the math homework he could not do either.

    It was a major problem for children who did not have a computer, had to share with other siblings or did not have fast enough (or any) Internet service to do their homework/classwork.

  8. about 8 hours ago on Adam@Home

    During 2020 my computer monitor started to die. Granted it was an old analog monitor, but I don’t like digital screens and we were not going out of the house due to the pandemic, as well as we have so MANY problems with deliveries, we try not to order anything unless there is absolutely no other choice.

    So husband checked out which Walmart near us had the monitor which would upset me the least and also was cheap (which we are in general plus I was barely working due to the pandemic). He didn’t find any he liked, but we went to Walmart in person to look. For some reason our local, very small, Walmart carries items not listed on their website at all. He found a usable monitor which had not been on their website and we bought it. It did what it needed to do, that is the best I can say of it. He since found and ordered a different one for me due to one feature it has – I can turn it from landscape to up and down to help me read pages when I have to (saves paper in not having to print out IRS manuals for me to be able follow reading them) – plus it showed up when ordered and was not left by the street nor in the rain and was intact and worked.

  9. 7 days ago on JumpStart

    China is planning to issue cryptocurrency as a “currency” separate from renminbi to make international trade in and out of China easier. Thought seems to be that other countries might do this also to make international trade easier.

    We have lived on U.S. bank accounts and Federal bonds and will continue to do so. We may never had a huge gain on our “investments” but we never lost anything either. Husband quit his job at 54 and I work extremely part time in the last of 2 accounting practices and we get by fine – almost 15 years on now. We don’t live lavishly – never been out of the country other than to Canada and Mexico and never will be – but we are not starving either, house paid off before he quit his job. We take car trips around the NE US when we take trips. Don’t feel deprived as we have a great time together. The security of knowing we would/will not lose the assets we have is all we need and that would be lacking in anything unsecured.

  10. 7 days ago on Stone Soup Classics

    We have not been fortunate to have children (and when we would have looked to adopt, husband had health problems so we missed out on the window to do so).

    Husband’s sister who is not the mothering type adopted a little girl from China, mostly as a fashion accessory. We finally got to the point where she “let” us take niece out on our own (meaning she needed a free babysitter so she could go to her gym).

    When niece was maybe 7 or 8 we met them at niece’s gym for a gym “recital” . As we walked back to the our cars afterwards – niece ran ahead in the parking lot. SIL said “oh, stop there and wait for us” – niece continued running ahead. SIL sighed and said “she does not listen”. I yelled towards niece – “STOP – RIGHT THERE!!!”. If it had been a cartoon one would have seen the little symbols behind her of her coming to an immediate stop.

    Children have to respect the person who telling them what to do and think there will be consequences if they don’t (such as we might not take her out for something fun without her mother again – though same was never said or implied to niece) for them to listen.