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  1. 7 days ago on Drabble

    Even more of reason not to get one – no pets but husband and I both have long hair and it always falling out on the floor.

  2. 7 days ago on Drabble

    I looked at getting a Roomba when it first came out. I read about it and figured it would not do well in our house. First, I would have to lift all the electric cords off the floor, then it did not small areas it could not get into – I looked around our dining room and realized it would not be able to clear around/between the furniture around the walls (we keep the room what was called in the 1700s “at rest” with the furniture stored against the walls and what is needed is brought into the middle of the room so we can use it a variety of purposes) and it would be total waste for us.

  3. 7 days ago on Ben

    We have never been morning people – but since we are home anyway, we have reached the point where we go to bed around 3 or 4 am – it takes me until 6 am to be ready to go to sleep (I found an old TV series we never heard of and it is on at 5 am and I am watching it). He wakes up – other than past couple of months when he is terrified of the snow coming and wakes as early as 7 am – at 1 pm watches old 1970s TV shows in bed with a headset so I don’t hear it as he watches TV very LOUD – and I wake up 2 pm. Ah, the life I always wanted.

    Since we had bedbugs 11 years ago I have trouble sleeping. For years after I did not remember having any dreams (though I presumed I did) and then suddenly I was aware that I was having dreams at night – nightmares, though I don’t remember them – apparently they are so bad, my mind won’t let me remember. I wake husband while I am asleep (unknown to me) with my thrashing around in the bed and he holds me (well, I believe him when he tells me that he does) until I calm down and stop thrashing.

  4. 7 days ago on Ben

    A lot of the donation bins are NOT legitimate – they are from companies which take the donations and sell them and keep the money. This is so widespread that around here the local governments make those putting out the boxes get a permit so they can control who puts them out, to try to limit them to legitimate non-profits.

    The ones here do not have any doors on them – just an opening to put the items into the bin through.

    My husband grew up in a family where they donated money to the church as needed when they went twice a year, we still put a minimal amount on the plate when it comes past as that is all husband thinks should be given. I am Jewish and we donate separately from going to services so I am not the one to say we should be donating more to the church.

    Other than that his family did not make donations. My family did to a variety of organizations. So when I try to get rid of (my) stuff by donating it, he does not think I should. Since quit his job about 14 years ago and is home all the time, I take items to donate on the day I go out to a needlework club as it is the only time other than work I am out alone. I put bags where he will not see them and take them out the morning I go out.

    Salvation Army closed about 9 years ago here, other than one location in an area it is not safe for me to go. When in Dec 2108 I went to donate to Goodwill as I had been doing just about monthly – the location I was going to had closed. Nearest location is in the next county – could not go there and back in time, so have not been able to donate anything since as no place to do so and husband got his hands on what I was trying to donate that day – after all, someone might want a pair of 1970s cubic zirconia earrings again – I don’t wear jewelry and don’t have pierced ears.

  5. 7 days ago on Ben

    I wear the same clothes year round – with sweatshirts and winter outer clothing in cold weather. I own 3 pr jeans, 2 skirts, 16 tee shirts (so when we go on vacation I don’t have to wash and hang any to dry in our tiny RV), a handful of sweatshirts, 2 nice blouses cold weather, 2 nice blouses warm weather (can’t wear the same blouse to work every month), pair each – dressier shoes, sneakers, snow boots, hiking boots and slippers, winter jacket with inner liner that serves a second lighter jacket, and a warm weather jacket in case of rain.

    Now I do also own older tee shirts with small holes or stains and older jeans with rips in them – I use them as pjs. Nothing to get rid, nothing to store for weather changes.

    In the kitchen we basic pots and such, these days since we are eating home every day I sometimes have wash a pot mid cooking to cook something else in it. (I admit to owning 3 sets of dishes and 3 sets of silverware though – and none of them are going to be gotten rid of for the foreseeable future.) Husband had stopped me from using sponges when washing the dishes in 2019 due to ants in the house and I was using half paper towels for same. When this all started last March husband told me – no paper towels, we’ll run out. Hmm, no sponges, no paper towels – what I could wash the dishes with – I ended up cutting my older dishtowels to make dishrags to use to wash the dishes.

  6. 7 days ago on Ben

    Goodwill was started by a minister to teach those who had no income had to repair items (back when this was common) so that they could earn a living. Originally the purpose of their shops was to generate the income to pay those who were doing the repairs and sell the items repaired (items taken in donation so that they could be repaired)

    Of course repair and resale of items these days is much rarer – so now the money raised is used to train people who are jobless and have no training for a job, to program computers and other tech jobs.

    To attract someone who knows how to run a company of this size, they have to be paid – it is their job not a contribution by them while working at another job.

    The Salvation Army, on the other hand, is a membership organization and the head of it is a member and works on an entirely different setup and thought.

    My husband was educated in and works in the field of rehabilitation counseling (for those with physical, emotional and/or mental problems). He has worked with both of these worthy organizations, as well as numerous other ones. Goodwill is greatly misunderstood.

  7. 7 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    My husband once caught a cold from GW – no really. We are reenactors and he and GW at Colonial Williamsburg (now the older version of GW) are friends – and GW had a cold, husband caught it. Back then if one wanted the quality of London made items – as the upper class did, one HAD to order them. (I will not go into how the financial situation pushed people to order from and sell to the mother country.)

    We rarely order anything as something ALWAYS goes wrong – items have been NEEDED and not available elsewhere. This past December he decided to order gifts for his 2 nieces – 11 and 19 for delivery to their mom for Xmas. They were ordered the first week in December for one week delivery. In addition to getting stuck for delivery charges as the items totaled more than minimum but were shipping from two places, his younger niece’s gift arrived a week after Christmas – the older one might have understood, the younger one is rather babyish and did not.

    We have had wrong items, damaged items, items not as represented, orders canceled by the sender, items charged at incorrect prices, items not show up, etc. In one case it cost us more in non refundable shipping to us and back to the sender as the sender was at the opposite end of Canada from where we are in the US, when the RV propane detector – which not only was listed as such, but when called was told it definitely was same, was the marine version – which would not work correctly in the RV and we could have bought locally, so we had to ship it back.

    Not sure why anyone voluntarily buys anything online or otherwise by order – we avoid it like a (pardon me) plague.

  8. 7 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    Smart man. Wednesday, the day between 4 days of MORE snow, it was sunny and 54F. I suggested to husband who has had a lot more trouble staying home from the virus and more trouble dealing 6 or more or 18 inches of snow at a time (both due to being old and not well and having to clear it and being afraid of NEEDING to go out and not being able to) than I am, we should go to the park for a walk – his concern that the snow would be a problem at the park, led to my suggestion we go for a car ride, just to go out – had to convince him we would not use up too much gas.

    So, by the end of the 15 minute drive – we had to return home due to transmission problems and while trying to park the car on the dirt in the semi-circle of our small driveway where our van normally goes and our van on the driveway where the car normally goes (so if car would not go, we could use the van, if not done, could not use the van), well, it had not occurred to me (and I was moving the car) that when the temperature rises from the 20-30s to 54F, the frozen dirt would melt and by the time we were done, he had to shovel back the mud to get rid of the tracks in the mud. (In my defense, I am generally the better driver and more logical person – but I have not driven since the week in March 2020 – I could not even remember how to unlock the passenger door from inside.) Car is to go to the mechanic on Wednesday if the ground is frozen enough not to be mud then either a $200 switch or a new transmission. Amazing how much of a problem not driving a vehicle enough is.

  9. 7 days ago on Rose is Rose

    Thank you.

  10. 14 days ago on Bear with Me

    When I went to school everyone had to make a Valentine for everyone – they don’t do that any more? Silly holiday anyway.