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  1. 5 days ago on Ben

    Way back in the middle 1970s husband and I went to hotel which ad golf courses. He had played when he was younger with his dad – he even had lessons and he owned a set of clubs. I had learned high school gym class – inside the gym using a Barbie size doll’s wig as a nest to hold the ball instead of using a tee. We had his one set of clubs between us.

    I had shots which were much too short – but were straight. He hit all long distances all over the place. We teed up on one hole and when we got to the hole – it was 2 hole later, no idea where went wrong. We never played golf again.

  2. 5 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    Mom was a morning person; Dad was a night person. Many the times dad and I would be watching TV late at night (on non-school nights) while mom and sisters were asleep. When the family went to the drive-in movies mom was in the front for the first movie and I was in back with sisters. After first movie ended mom and I (I was in pre and early teens) would switch seats and she and sisters would go to sleep while dad and I watched movie.

    Right now it is 3 am and husband and I are having snack (our 3rd meal of the day) before going to sleep for the night.

  3. 5 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    I can’t concentrate on reading something of depth which lasts more than a few lines on a screen. When I have to do research on taxes for clients I actually print out the page from pdf from IRS – though husband found a monitor for me which turns to vertical for reading same – doesn’t help much.

    Then again the books I read are not likely to turn up as ebooks – they tend to be antique books or odd more recent books on history – not popular books.

    During the extensive blackouts we have had over the past decades or so from storms which can last 4 days or longer – a book can be taken outside and read in daylight – once the batteries run down – ebooks are hard to read.

  4. 5 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    In NYS the no plastic bags (with exceptions) law went into effect at the time that the pandemic hit here. Despite much notice being given – of course this confused the heck out of people as they were panic shopping and now were told they should have brought bags or (in most cases) they had to pay for paper bags. (Husband and I when we went out mid March 2020 did have bags with us.) Shortly after they put the law on hold, I had presumed due to the pandemic – no, someone had sued over it and it was on hold until the case was decided.

    The law allowed counties and larger cities to implement a fee per bag for paper bags and in areas which did not have this fee, stores were allowed to charge for the paper bags – and of course it there was no fee and stores were charging for the paper bags – there was sales tax on the sale of the bag. Most stores which in our area (no fee) were charging (and I presume again are charging) 10 cents a bag, with the sales tax one pays 11 cents a bag.

    Under the circumstances I was much happier to use our bags than new ones from the store anyway. We use 16 doubled paper bags for our bi-monthly food shopping runs. The plastic ones have the advantage they can be folded small and I can fit 3 in each back pocket for more lesser shopping trips or as spares for food shopping.

    Decades ago – before the plastic bags existed – husband would complain about my saving bags “They always have them at the stores.” I figure we have a couple of decades at minimum of assorted paper and plastic bags and we keep reusing them.

  5. 5 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    Actually Blue Laws are the laws which require businesses/stores to be closed on Sunday.

    NYS had an unusual blue law – it stated that businesses had to be closed on Sundays unless they closed on a different day weekly for religious observances – this allowed Jewish business owners to be open on Sunday as they were closed on Saturdays – and of course they would sell to anyone who came shopping on Sunday. In a case we had to read in law school from another state someone who was Jewish sued as he was closed on Saturdays and they were telling him he had to close on Sunday. The decision was something along the lines of – we don’t say you can’t close on Saturday, but you even if you do, you still have to close on Sunday – which is the normal ruling.
  6. 5 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    I understood what you meant about liking about ladies’ underwear.

    I don’t carry a purse, if what I need to bring with me doesn’t fit in my jeans pockets, I don’t need it. When we are traveling and will be away from our car/RV for the day, I wear a day backpack to carry things we might need – such as to stow hats when not wearing them,small umbrellas, fold up rain jackets, if hot – frozen bottles of water (I refill old bottles, do not buy), snacks in case husband gets a blood glucose low, and generally anything else husband needs to carry with us – also good if he makes purchases of anything, generally books if he does.

    When going out to work (have not done so now since end of January 2020) I have my briefcase with whatever I need plus what I need for work.

    For everyday – it is jeans pockets – winter jacket pockets for gloves when cold enough for the jacket and gloves.

  7. 5 days ago on Rose is Rose

    My husband and I are 18th reenactors. He had started reading the Outlander books – and would discuss the books with other guys in our reenacting unit. I presumed that these were heavy historical books. He found one on tape and decided to listen to it in the car while we went on trip. It was a bodice ripper!! All these guys were reading romance books set in the 18th century! I could not believe it. (The version in the TV series is rather cleaned up from the books.)

    I find the movies and TV shows on Hallmark these recent years are all romances with the same plots repeated – Plot 1 – boy or girl left home town, comes home gets back together with old flame or someone they had wanted as a flame. Plot 2 – the local company is being taken over by a nasty large company and the employee sent to gut the local company falls in love with child (generally guy comes and falls in love with daughter) of the man who founded the company and they end up saving the company from being taken over by the evil big company. They are certainly not the quality of the old Hallmark Hall of Fame movies – such as their version of “Lion in Winter” (we watch it every year while putting up the tree after watching the original O’Toole/Hepburn version – it is a wonderful Christmas story) or the “Sarah Plain and Tall” movies. Nor is the stable of unknown actors the equivalent of the actors they had in these older movies.

    My biggest problem is that when see a “who done it” I always figure it out and generally rather quickly. When we saw “Knives Out” I figured out who done it, before it was even done! (No, I don’t tell husband, but I will make a note in my cell phone sometimes to show him later that really did know.)

    My book reading has turned to almost all non-fiction history books.

  8. 5 days ago on Baldo

    My second job while in college I got a job at local home goods department store (which is about the best explanation I can come up with – no clothing, just other departments) in the jewelry department. I was hired to be a cashier (having worked as a cashier at a supermarket). My first night there they put me out on the floor in “junior” rings. (Not children’s rings, the smaller cheaper rings – under $20 when I started and I think the same rings were under $80 or $90 when I finished.) I am not a jewelry person – husband had to insist on buying me an engagement ring when we were getting married, I at least got him to change from solitaire to antique ring, and it sits in our bank vault box unworn for well over 35 years. My first night a woman was buying a ring as gift. She asked me if it could be “sized”. I told of course it could and walked over and got the stick to measure the size of the ring – she explained to me that she wanted to know if the store would resize it to size needed. (It would in the jewelry service department – no charge.) Talk about not knowing what I was doing! Only class I had up until then had been in using the register. I must have improved a lot when I graduated from college and was quitting as I had a job in my profession they offered me all sorts of management positions to remain.

  9. 5 days ago on Baldo

    When I took over some of the Jewish holidays dinners from my mom (my sister took over the rest) I asked my mom for the “secret family recipes” so I could cook the same dishes the same way. She mailed them to me – they were labeled with the company name of whose package she took them from! So much for family recipes.

    My husband had his mom teach him her tomato gravy (sauce to you and me) recipe. He then taught it to me. His (younger) sister makes tomato gravy each year for Christmas at her house (and that is the total sum of her cooking for the year). She talks about how it takes hours and hours to cook the same as her mother taught her – hmm, what she taught husband took an hour at most to cook and it is basically dumping cans of tomato products into a pot and adding spices. SIL’s tomato gravy is full of acid and much too much garlic. Either she did not pay attention or MIL gave one of them – probably SIL based on taste – the wrong recipe.

  10. 5 days ago on Adam@Home

    Yes, thank you – I meant Remington Steele.