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  1. 2 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    And men keep up the feeding of rodents. We had to put our garbage out early due to smelly food garbage. Husband to be nice, took the sealed bag out for me. Did he put it in the garbage can? Noooo. He put it next to same and was surprised the next day that the bag had been ripped open by “something”. We then had to bag the ripped bag, add the items which had fallen out and then put it in the garbage can it should have been in to begin with. Though to be honest, I do not put the garbage out in the cans or they will thrown in the street and damaged (as were the recycling bins they gave us, so I put same out now in cardboxes I have saved up and take the box for recycling too) and nothing ever seems to snack on the bags I leave at the street for pickup.

  2. 2 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    It was known that world was round in 1492. Problem was that they did not know there was a huge land mass between Europe/Africa and Asia.

  3. 2 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    Husband and I are late 18th century reenactors. When my niece was in school (she is in her 30s now) she would call and ask husband for new facts to stump her teacher – who apparently liked this.

    So much info we were taught in school about this period was incorrect. In school British colonial period and Early American period (period right after the country came to be) were pushed together as one & same in what was done. Linsey-woolsey fabric that “colonists” wove themselves was an early American thing. Before the American Revolution fabric was made in England/Scotland &sold to the colonists (as were candles) – they did not make their own fabric & it was made almost impossible for them to do so. In the north, colonial era weavers were only allowed to weave rough cloth which would be used for blankets, burlap bags & slave clothing. In the southern colonies there were virtually no weavers by trade – the same sort of fabric woven by them in the north was woven by slaves as needed on the plantations.

    Other myths – most people (including women & many of the slaves) could read as one was suppose to read the bible one’s self. Slave who could not read could not do any skilled work – a cook who could not read a “receipt” was a problem, a wood worker who could not read the diagrammed plan was a problem. People were not shorter – average difference in height per military records less than 1 in difference. People did not all die by 40 – statistics distorted by large number of children who died before age 5, although wealthier people tended to live longer than poorer ones. Women did not die wholesale from burning while cooking – rare enough to be mentioned in a newspaper article. Women did die at higher rates from childbirth but the number of those doing so was already decreasing since the advent of “the male midwife” or doctors becoming involved. Women could own property & their own business even after marriage – just had to sign a pre nup to keep separate.

  4. 2 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    You mean like, I don’t know, a President Eisenhower day? As General Eisenhower he was responsible for the death of so many Germans and others during WWII.

    If not for the resulting settlement of “America” after Columbus came here I know that I would not be. I would never have met husband. He would be somewhere – maybe – in Italy as all of his grandparents came from the same general area.

    On the other hand – if there is a creator, grand architect of the world or universe, who guides the world in some way it was all intended to be as it is.

  5. 2 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    Last year husband had terrible pains in his left shoulder/arm – bad enough that we ran to the emergency room thinking it might be a heart attack – he had a knot in his shoulder muscle and “a bit” of arthritis in the back of shoulder.

    He was complaining to me about the pain and that I had no idea what pain was like. I looked him square in the eye and said “Should we go by timeline or the body part?” Pointing as I went – "left knee, virus in 3rd grade, still hurts on and off, left ankle torn in high school (the one that has to be popped), right knee – fell on with full weight (and I weighed 70 lbs more then than now) twice – and second time was at start of vacation and kept walking the entire trip,and bursitis twice in left shoulder. I told him that I was not including my collar bone which I broke at 3 years old as it did not hurt me when I broke it to the point that the doctor decided nothing was wrong or it would hurt (1956) until mom insisted it be X-rayed and the break was found.

    Other than my left arm being taped to my chest when I broke my collar bone and a knee brace (sewn to figure 8 ace bandage) for my ankle, nothing was done about any of same.

    Forgot, broke baby toe on each foot also.

  6. 2 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    patlaborvi – I have wondered if ankle replacement can be done – can it? I injured an ankle in high school and it is finky at times – I have to “pop” it as people do with their knuckles, something husband finds most amusing.

  7. 2 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    My mom is 90. Other than her knee (singular) she is fine. She takes less medications (had been 2, temporarily 3) than husband or I do (at 67 and just short of 66). She has been living in our family home alone. There was a master bedroom up one flight of stairs from the main floor (which is a floor level above ground level) and when that was built my sister and I took that room (when I was in my teens) and up a second flight of stairs a 2nd master bedroom was built – more recently she would winter in the lower bedroom (so as not to heat the upper room as much and save money) and summer in the original bedroom. She eats whatever she wants – she has high blood pressure kept in line by one of the meds which is a minor one for same and high cholesterol which is the second one. Her mom came from a family with Diabetes (her mom, her aunt, her uncle…) she has none. We took her today to be checked to have her pacemaker replaced – no question that she is well enough to do so and should have it – the old one’s battery will go within 2 months.

    She drove until last year. She only stopped as she decided it was too expensive to lease another car when her lease was up (and the leased car replaced a car she owned since before my dad died in 1990). That was the big mistake. She did not go out as often and the lack of being out without without other people made her mind go a little confused. She is now in an assisted living facility and her mind is back. She walks all over – with a walker just now as her knees hurt and she is planning to finally “get the shots” (as I posted on another strip’s posts).

    Her dad lived to 95 – he came to the US alone at 17 as an immigrant from Russia (or Austria – the story has changed over the decades). So one quarter of my grandparents are long lived.

    I hope to be like her when I am (I hope) that age – although I would like to have my husband still with me.

  8. 2 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  9. 2 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    At about to be 66 I can still walk at least as far as when I was younger. Our normal summer vacation (not had same in a few years) consisted of going for 4 days to the Washington DC area and walking for the 4 days. Then a day in Charlottesville, VA to Monticello and more walking (husband suffers from motion sickness so we would walk up the mountain to the house and then down after as he could not deal with the little bus). Usually somewhere else then for a couple of days – more walking. Then 10 days at Colonial Williamsburg where we walk 10 miles a day (main street is 1 mile end to end and we calculated the number of times we would go up and down the street during the day, plus the two round trips at night after dinner plus the walks to the Governor’s Palace, and we would stay at hotel within walking distance so we walked back and forth also; often between being there during the day and dinner we would go to shops or to the outlet mall (now gone and replaced by a smaller one that is no good) and walk around there.

    Our short weekend trips are to farmer’s markets in the Lancaster, PA area – again walking all day.

    Our RV dealer just acquired a new location for their repair shop. The original sales/repair shop location is a about a half mile from a shopping center, so while work is done we walk to shopping center, walk around (they have a really good dollar store with things not found at others of same), have lunch and then return to the dealer. Husband was upset that we would have no place to go from the new repair shop – I looked it up – under a half mile away – no problem.

    Always park at the far end of the parking lot and walk to the store (okay, not always – not going to sick in snow or heavy rain, and sometimes need to run in quickly to a store, so mostly).

  10. 2 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    Around 20 years ago my mom started talking about “getting shots for her knees”. I swear that she told later on that she had to get her knees replaced as the shots were no longer working. Now- at 90 – mom is saying that she has to get the shots for her knees and apparently has never had them – if it was not that my sister agrees with her that mom never had the shots, I would think she has forgotten having them.

    She was not walking for a short period for various reasons, but with help from PT she is walking with a walker – she gets tired and has to stop, but she is walking and is still sure that when she gets the shots in her knees and they no longer hurt she will be able to walk much more.