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  1. 1 day ago on The Buckets

    When I was a girl in the 1950s we went to the grocery for groceries – the man there would collect the items mom wanted – climbing up a ladder to the higher shelves. Next door to him was the “fruit and vegetable man” where we bought, well, fruit and vegetable – one would tell him what one wanted and he would pick them and (paper) bag them for you. next to him was the fish store – we rarely went in there and it always had a creepy fish head with a cigar in its mouth in the window. Next was the (kosher) butcher – meat would cut to order. There was a bakery across the avenue, but we rarely went there as bought bread at the grocer. (Kosher) delicatessen was across the avenue from our apartment for those delicacies and it was also a restaurant. These stores combined are were not as big as the “supermarket” that we shopped in starting in the 1960s when we moved to suburbia. The supermarket then was maybe 1/4- 1/3 of the supermarkets we shop in now.

    Fish and meats including chicken, pork, beef were not branded – they came into the store and the butcher, fishmonger… would serve it to you at the counter. Prepared food – other than at the deli counter. There were – maybe – 3 brands of canned and boxed goods carried – more likely two – no room for more and who needed more brands – no house brands back then – they developed later in the 60s and into 70s. Much smaller assortment of produce and it was seasonal – no South American produce in the winter – only the items still able to be grown and hot house growing made the items too expensive for most things.

    Real freezers (as opposed to “cold boxes”) at the top inside of the refrigerator were a very late 1950s thing -first time I saw one was when we moved and had one in the house. Until same – no frozen meals, vegetables, etc. Ice cream could not be stored at home so little of it sold in the supermarket.

    If one does not remember then – one does not realize the excess variety of what is available now.

  2. 1 day ago on Lola

    People may also need to file by April 15 for reasons other than the taxes themselves – such as student loans, work requirements etc.

  3. 1 day ago on Lola

    No – you do not have to file until July 15 – but is recommended that if one is getting a refund one files sooner as one will get the money sooner to help them out.

    The July 15 rules to all 2019 corporation and income taxes and 2020 estimated tax filings/payments normally due April 15. However, if someone is paying estimated taxes their June 15 payment will still be (as of now) due on same – so waiting for July 15 to pay the April payment will result in 2 payments being due a month apart. If one needs longer than July 15 (and I have an tax client who always files in October) one still needs to file an extension – and no mention of the extension filing date changing has been made. The change does apply to a number of other taxes or if the corp tax is due other than on April 15.

    This is the Federal rule – states vary. NYS has said it will follow the Federal rules. New Mexico, on the other hand – says that by law it cannot change the date the payment is due – so one can file up to July 15, but will charged interest on any payment made after April 15.

    Fun year to be preparing taxes – on the other hand, I found out that as an accountant I am considered essential – I thought only my husband considered me to be so.

  4. 1 day ago on Stone Soup Classics

    My husband had a retainer before I knew him. One day his grandmother threw it out by mistake. Luckily when they called the dr said he was almost done with it anyway and a new one was not needed.

    I always thought that children hated getting retainers and braces – so I was and am surprised that she likes it.

  5. 1 day ago on Ben

    No dogs, just two long haired aged baby boomers – most of what I have to clear off the floor is hair – grey is his and brown is mine.

  6. 1 day ago on Ben

    Met both Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner back in the 1970s under different circumstances and both were very nice people and also both were shorter than they appear to be on TV and in movies which surprised us.

  7. 1 day ago on Ben

    In 2018 husband had a problem with his shoulder that was terribly painful – don’t know how we would made it through it was not the week that female doctor who was to start and there were lots of shows about same to take his attention off the pain.

    Now – it is BBC America again to the rescue – most week days there is one or another Star Trek series on for most of the day for him to watch all day (he is a panicker). Over last week the Harry Potter marathon for a couple of days on a different channel kept him going.

  8. 1 day ago on Ben

    missing a comma – have to pay too much attention to him -between reading yesterday’s strip and todays, husband…

  9. 1 day ago on Ben

    I thank you for your suggestions.

    She is in an apartment by herself in an assisted living residence – a really nice one that is run by a Jewish non-profit which means that decor leans towards items of our religion which is comforting to her & they have Jewish religious services, foods, Friday/holiday night religious candle lighting by a rabbi’s wife, etc. (Though an older friend of my husband & myself who was French Catholic lived there several years ago &loved it also.)

    We really don’t think it is dementia with mom as the start came about 4 months after she turned in her car at the end of its lease and decided she did not drive enough to make sense to get a new one. (First time she leased as she decided when she had to get rid of her 1990s car that it did not make sense to buy a new one.) She figured it was cheaper to take cabs, but then of course she did not go out as often as she did before as each time she had to pay for cab (& the cab charging system here is by zone not mile which leads to some real oddities such as the supermarket near her that has a branch of her bank in the same strip mall is a different community and zone so it costs more than going to one further way in her community – but then she had to pay for separate trips to bank & market as they are not together – & NO she would let us drive her). She finally started letting me take to her doctors while still at home as it was 4 zones to her doctor.

    So it seems to be an isolation problem & combined with hearing problems – hearing aids were behind DVT clots, replacement pacemaker, and cancer found doing testing for pacemaker surgery – and a small growth on her face that we still have not had anyone look at. Apparently hearing problems make sounds seem to be someone talking.

    Right now it all on hold as we are not taking her out in the current situation. Tomorrow is her birthday. My sister is going to drop off a cake and flowers for her at a cart outside the facility and they will give them to her.

  10. 1 day ago on Ben

    The vein doctor is my BIL’s cardiologist who “saved his life”. My mom, sister and BIL say that he is the only doctor for this – could not even use one of associates (which would not help at all). I seem to be getting to understand some of the intricacies of his offices – including always getting a printout of what was done and needs to be done – which helped when we took mom for a leg scan at his office at 1 pm on a Saturday and the office – and all offices in the facility closed at noon! When I finally found someone who insisted that we could not have an appointment I showed her the paper and it turned out that the tech was there – in a different room and he would eventually come out for us if we had signed in on the computer (only way to sign in and a pain in butt ) which we had done. If I had not brought the appointment paper we would have left – after all ready waiting 45 minutes. When I mentioned this to the doctor he was upset as someone is suppose to be in the office when the tech is there.

    A friend of ours was complaining about the new office her ophthalmologist is in – guess where that is? It is a suburban facility of a major NYC hospital group that I had thought to be one of the best – apparently from what husband found online large numbers of people complain about it – but not the rest of the associated places to that hospital chain.