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I sports fan that likes funny, warped, conservative comics (sort of).

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  1. 6 days ago on Drabble

    Maybe Norman and the rest of the Drabbles are related to EDD from the cartoon, “ED, EDD, and EDDY!”

  2. about 1 month ago on Drabble

    Hey Neil is Back!! I remember him being in the strip from the late 1970’s to the 1980’s! One of my favorite hippies that was the editor of the college newspaper is back! One problem. Norm and Neil like the same girl (Maybe Echo has a clone!). I guess maybe one of them will end up with Wendy (The one in which Neil told Wendy and a guy that she was interested in had Difenbachia? Something like that.

  3. 4 months ago on Drabble

    Well, there are plenty of them because I do it every now then. I even had a friend who does it with her grandchild!

  4. 7 months ago on Drabble

    Aww….Take off! You Hosers! No Beer in this strip! Only Root Beer!

  5. 7 months ago on Non Sequitur

    There are MILLIONS OF VOTERS WHO AREN’T REPUBLICAN THINK THE 2000 ELECTIONS WERE RIGGGED. Who knows? There are liberals who think of these people are fools and yet, it seems our current administration is trying to take the American dream and make it a nightmare! Hey, let’s even put “Big Tech” into the picture also. Mark Zuckerburg might’ve had his hands in the last election and it wouldn’t surprise me on election day in November next month if the results would be the “same” as back in 2000. Besides, did anybody here that many Democrats are switching parties to Republican lately. Maybe there might be a “Red Wave” next month.

  6. 7 months ago on Non Sequitur

    How about the 2000 elections? You did that too when Bush went against Gore.

  7. 7 months ago on Clay Bennett

    Sorry about the mistake. You could leave the word her out.

  8. 7 months ago on Clay Bennett

    So what, Clay. Heisman trophy great Herschel Walker can say what he wants right now because we have the First Amendment. If any more Progressives fill more positions in all of to the US government, the country we love will be no more! Instead, Comrade Sam will telling ALL AMERICANS what to do. Not Mommy and Daddy, and not Grandma or grandpa. Nice try and making her sure Walker look like a member of the FBI which is mostly run by progressives right now. Think about it.

  9. 8 months ago on Luann

    She may be a careless ditz, but she acts like a human being. Forgetting one spot to check in the room after trashing the rest of the room.

  10. 8 months ago on Luann

    Cool guy doesn’t sound like a cool guy trashing one of my favorite comic strips. Staying too long in the basement is starting to bother you like cabin fever? Please!