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  1. 25 minutes ago on Endtown

    I agree with the other comments: STOP! Hammerspace.

  2. 7 days ago on Dick Tracy

    (The implication from Desmond’s comments shown in the October 8th strip is that she was an Olympic alternate while she was at Harvard or after, thus making it more likely that it was the ‘88 or perhaps ’92 Games, and not the LA Games of ’84, when she would have been at Choate. The ’84 Games aren’t impossible, mark you, but not likely. There are, in fact, some Olympic athletes who played sports at Choate — a number of Olympic women’s ice hockey players previously played for Choate, though I don’t recall any being on the national team while they were there.)

  3. 7 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Note Sam’s comment about where the CCTV footage was from: a few blocks away from the Caxton residence. It would have taken a bit to track down and obtain the footage, but now that Sam has it and has analyzed it, he’s found something potentially interesting. Keep that third panel in mind.

  4. 9 days ago on Endtown

    I’ve seen enough Three Stooges shorts to see where this is going…

  5. 9 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Heh. Well, some of the comments I’ve seen have shown that people have been reading carefully, and paying attention to the clues scattered about. Some more evidence is going to start turning up in the next handful of days.

  6. 10 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Yes, indeed. This is the writer.

  7. 11 days ago on Dick Tracy

    (That was my intent, yes. Wichel being Wichel and coming up with the crack.)

  8. 11 days ago on Dick Tracy

    To borrow from Jerry Colonna: “Greetings, Gate!”

  9. 11 days ago on Dick Tracy

    For the record, the allusion to “Goodfellas” was quite deliberate on my part. This sequence with Wendy Wichel has two purposes: the first is to show in more detail what a nasty, unstable and violent person Libris can be (cp. Tommy DeVito); the second is to show that the strain of events — we assume that the murders of the workman, Caxton and Manutius having been getting publicity — is starting to tell on her emotions.

  10. 11 days ago on Andy Capp

    And yet, doesn’t it look like the clock is reading 9.00 p.m.?