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  1. about 21 hours ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    I read the same thing many many years ago and believed it to be true. That was all the homework I needed at the time.

  2. about 21 hours ago on Bound and Gagged

    Three piece for her and a onesie for him, I imagine.

  3. 2 days ago on The Other Coast

    I think it’s spelt trolley, but he is a dog.

  4. 4 days ago on The Barn

    Parrots, I think.

  5. 6 days ago on Off the Mark

    This guy paid a little more for his DNA test.

  6. 6 days ago on Monty

    Lucky for you, TDS should end the minute he no longer is in office.

  7. 6 days ago on The Dinette Set

    The short and curlies????

  8. 6 days ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    If this is not a proverb, it should be.

  9. 10 days ago on Cul de Sac

    Somebody nailed the landing.

  10. 11 days ago on Agnes

    Pretty sure it’s something.