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    Death as a whole is up a great deal this year.

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    Since the “blue” states are already supporting the “red” states now (yes they are look it up don’t whine that they aren’t) I think we need to look at how the government is supposed to work. The Senate gives all states equal votes on measures, Wyoming and Rode Island both have the same say in the Senate as California and New York. The House is “supposed to represent the people” but stopped doing so about one hundred years ago. There would be no domination by the larger population if this model was actually followed but instead what we have is a Tyranny of the minority. By not letting the larger populations have their say in the House we have ended up with a great deal of inequality that favors certain minority groups ( white right wingers in particular). Is it any wonder that the majority of people who are being ignored begin to feel that their rights have been trampled on?

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    “If I lose, it means the election is rigged.”— Trump, in August

    “Well, we’re going to have to see what happens…The ballots are a disaster.”— Trump yesterday, asked if he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power

    “I think this scam that the Democrats are pulling will be before the United States Supreme Court. I think it’s very important to have a ninth Justice.”— Trump

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    Listen to the tapes of Reagan that caught him when he thought the mics were off, he was a racist piece of crap. He was a strong supporter of McCarthy after he learned that he could give the name of an actor that was going for a role he wanted to McCarthy and that actor would be called up before the committee and even if proven not to be a communist that his name was sullied and Reagan would probably get the role. He was a swell guy.

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    Tell it Capt! Tell it!!

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    I gave you the link, I’m not going to do more for you, do it yourself, it’s right there in the article.

    Trump paid a fine for his racial housing acts That is an admission of guilt or he would have fought it.

    If you can’t see the racism there its only because your own racism agrees with his remarks.

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    Sept 19th on Jeff Danziger in one of his posts there on how she was a “revisionist judge”

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    How about him being sued by the Nixon Administration for his racial housing discrimination? You don’t think that was racist?