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    As if there’s a connection!

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    Thank you, Fido. Speaking on behalf of People with Stupidity everywhere, I shall try to do this — but I’ll probably forget within the hour.

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    The day before that is for the rest of us.

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    I usually don’t comment on typos (my own typing is hopelessly clumsy) but this one is too good to pass up.

    Authism — the action of an autistic child in authoring his own universe.

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    I believe Enter.Name.Here is referring to what our minds make out of the signals our senses transmit to our brains. It must resemble reality enough for us to function but, beyond that, who knows? I am quite sure that the colours I perceive bear no relationship to those you perceive. I know because there is a faint but definite difference in what I see from each eye. Technology greatly improves what our senses can perceive but can make no difference to what our minds construct.

    Of course your interpretation of Enter.Name.Here’s comment is just as likely to be correct.

    While we’re on the subject, does your final comment, “The last couple of planets were discovered by observing known planet’s movements,” refer to our solar system or to recently discovered exoplanets? (Serious question, I really want to know.)

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    Cap’n Eddie spends his days fishing and his nights drinking. Who says he’s stupid?

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    And his cat would never fall for it.

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    ““Do you really think the high priests climate scientists don’t…?”

    Well, they don’t provide me with the vidence that led them to their conclusion, so I really don’t know what they have considered or not."


    The evidence is on the record; if you have not seen it, it is because you have not looked for it.

    As for nuclear power, I am all in favour of it. Several months ago I raised the subject at a Green Power meeting. I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of other members agree with me although the leadership does not.

    China is weird. The national leadership wants to get rid of coal, as do the people who have to live in that hellish smog, but a different set of leaders years ago made it policy to increase coal consumption and local governments are building new coal power plants at more than one a day. I expect that now, after tens of millions have tasted clean air and seen stars at night, there will be a very strong movement to change.

    The same is true for India. Australia, however, is a worldwide disgrace.

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    Thanks, BiathlonNut. I should have looked it up but I was sure someone would correct me. :-)