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  1. 3 days ago on JumpStart

    I knew a girl in H.S. whose initials are S.T.D.

  2. 8 days ago on Red and Rover

    Aww. Poor Snowman. :(

  3. 10 days ago on Lug Nuts

    I’ve always appreciated Shemp. I was very impressed that he was part of the original crew. And his brother (Curly) was his replacement after Shemp left to start his acting career!

  4. 10 days ago on Luann

    This old trope?? Looks like someone doesn’t feel like drawing this week.

  5. 10 days ago on Ripley's Believe It or Not

    That’s Eminem??? Though it was a teenage Guy Pearce in a hoodie!

  6. 15 days ago on Buni

    Insert “Airplane” joke here.

  7. 15 days ago on The Argyle Sweater

    Steve Martin does that! With a card.

  8. 17 days ago on Too Much Coffee Man

    That’s the pot. Not the maker.

  9. 19 days ago on Baldo

    Hey look! Finally got wireless game controllers. Only took a decade!

  10. 19 days ago on Lio

    Good movie. But the part with John Lithgow hyperventilating like crazy drove me nuts!