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  1. over 6 years ago on FoxTrot

    I think it depends on your major. I’m a science major and we laugh at people who didn’t learn logarithms in high school. I have no idea what Mr. Derkins there said, but I assume it was some sort of comic. I for one am grateful for a cartoon that uses such beautiful science and math jokes. If other people don’t appreciate them, perhaps they should find other comic strips to read.

  2. over 6 years ago on FoxTrot

    Exactly. And the thing about radians that makes them more natural to use is that they don’t depend on some arbitrary decision to divide a circle into 360 equal parts. Knowing that pi radians is have a circle (which comes straight from the definition of pi), a radian is just what we use to describe how far along the circle we’ve gone. Usually they’re in terms of pi, like pi/3 or pi/2, but they don’t have to be. And you can convert radians to degrees by using the equality radians/2pi = degrees/360. :)

  3. over 6 years ago on FoxTrot

    I sure am glad I’m not married to you! Don;t you have any respect for maternity? Don’t you realize that it’s just as important for you to honor your wife on Mother’s Day as your mother? She is the mother of your children, and it’s your responsibility to honor her for that! And even if she isn’t the mother of yours, she’s still a mother, and deserves to be honored! You can’t just say “Oh, she’s not my mom, it’s not my job to honor her on Mother’s Day,” because that’s missing the entire point of Mother’s Day. Sheesh, what a pig you are.

  4. over 6 years ago on FoxTrot

    Why would anyone ask any astronomer about the classification of a planet??? It would be far better to ask the geologists that question, given that they actually study planets in depth.

  5. over 6 years ago on FoxTrot

    Perhaps they should stop sending him to that school and let him do work that actually challenges him

  6. over 6 years ago on FoxTrot

    Poor Jason. Perhaps Eileen would appreciate your touching video game tribute.

  7. over 6 years ago on FoxTrot

    Well, it does keep getting cut down every time he tries to con his mom…

  8. over 6 years ago on FoxTrot

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’ve been reading through Foxtrot from the beginning of what’s on GoComics, and the first time this appears, it is on 1 October. I think that was the point, though, since he didn’t know the correct date, why would he know the year.

  9. over 6 years ago on FoxTrot

    Perhaps if they actually taught, it would be worthwhile to pay them more. Meanwhile, kids in college can’t even solve simple algebra problems and can’t write a basic 5 page paper. In Italy, 2nd graders are solving multiplication and division problems like they’re nothing. America is the laughing stock of every other first world country on earth, and truthfully? I blame the teachers. They don’t deserve the salaries they already get.

  10. over 6 years ago on FoxTrot

    Floss before you brush, Peter