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  1. almost 10 years ago on Herman

    Or many cartoons coming up missing images. This one is a new failure mode,, though. I wonder if an online newspaper version of the comic for this day has this issue? Yes, it is botched in the newspaper versions too. I reported the problem to the President of Universal Uclick, for all the good it is likely to do.xanthian.

  2. almost 10 years ago on La Cucaracha

    This does raise the issue of “Why start?” if you are already at your destination.xanthian.

  3. almost 10 years ago on Moderately Confused

    Yeah, the threesome with the giant squid is probably a jolt to the eyeballs.xanthian.

  4. almost 10 years ago on Momma

    At 67, I suffer the illusion of having a clue about the current generation, merely because I got all of those, and only a couple of them with any thinking involved at all.In reality, I cannot perceive the need for the current generation both to be completely isolated, by ear buds, and also to be perpetually in contact, with cell phones whether used verbally or for texting.I got rid of my last, employer required, cell phone in 2000, and felt as if the chains of enslavement had been taken off of me. Never again.xanthian.

  5. almost 10 years ago on (th)ink

    This is hardly a surprise. Black on black homicides are suppressed, participation in gang violence and drug deals gone bad are suppressed, street drugs are less available, health care is always available including wellness checks, a balanced diet is provided, and the beds are so uncomfortable that a prisoner gets a full day’s quota of exercise at night, just flopping around seeking a position that doesn’t cause pain.The prisons could do a better job of suppressing causes of needless death than they do, because gangs, drugs, and violence still pervade prisons, just at lower levels than on the street, but this could be done only at a considerably higher cost for more, and better trained, prison staff and by construction of less sieve-like prisons.xanthian.

  6. almost 10 years ago on (th)ink

    I wonder what the big deal is about 1/2 pound burgers. Until I stopped eating the ones my grandmother made, and went to a fast food restaurant, I didn’t know that burgers came any smaller than 1/2 pound, and yet I didn’t gain any weight from eating that diet, and was considered very thin among my high school class, at 6’1.5" and 145#.xanthian.

  7. almost 10 years ago on Tank McNamara

    The twerp you are parodying is well deserving of having his ox gored.xanthian.

  8. almost 10 years ago on Jane's World

    So, curiosity is nudging me. Paige, if you’re reading, anyone else who knows the answer otherwise … what made the economics of doing a long form daily comic start working for you again?xanthian

  9. almost 10 years ago on Jane's World

    @Baslim,Barely so, so to speak…xanthian.

  10. almost 10 years ago on In the Sticks

    What kind of wimp goes whacko after just 48 hours of missed sleep? I’ve known at least one case where 96 hours was the trigger point. Granted, I became acquainted with her at her trial for vehicular homicide, but still…xanthian, 56 hours does it for me.