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    Snowflake in this context is related to getting butthurt over small things, not a political position. Mostly, the sorry part was hearing from you. I won’t be commenting on anything you write, so you can relax. the comment was given due to your support of a narcissistic ego being “good” self esteem. It leads to heartache, predation, ignoring the worth of others, and much more that I end up counseling the survivors for. I do wish you well, I share your political views, and have little idea one way or another about your intelligence.

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    Sorry snowflake.

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    “You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.”

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    “and a child shall lead them…”

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    A gate that is shut might extend his life far more than the sign…

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    Yup. They need unplugged time, but most don’t know it.

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    We’ve always had rescues, even if we had others. I grew up on a farm at the end of a canyon, near a main road. People, horrid ones, dumped dogs and cats there frequently. At one point our farm had 160 cats, and we always had dogs, 1-4. I have had 185 dogs in my life, and have 4 now, 2 of which are rescues. Never had a bad dog. Never abandoned any either.

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    I once worked at a company that gave out unrealistic deadlines with great frequency. We pretty much ignored the deadlines, but did the work in a timely manner. As each of us tired of the reminders, we quit one at a time. Fast forward just a few years, and for some reason, even with turnover rates exceeding productivity, the company went out of business. Who’d of guessed?