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    Actually the whole Left. Must be the drugs.

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    To folks like this, history is what they decide it is, not what the facts are.

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    Yup. We are doomed as a species, due to the previous generation’s selfishness. That idea was popular in previous generations, all the way back to around 2000 years ago, and has been proposed new again by almost every generation. Having conquered almost all serious contagions, the US then let unvetted folks from areas that didn’t “exploit the world” and make their lives safer through freedom of thought. So, yeah, more disease. Actions do have consequences, and the computing device you are using to formulate the brilliant and scathing reply to utterly demolish my statements, was created by the generation you judge, from a building made by the previous generation, in a country with enough freedoms still in place that you can express those lovely uplifting thoughts without censure. And have you noticed how many climate change “experts” have bought ocean front property and fly around in huge jets? Climates change, they always have, but globally we are still okay. Go out and look at Duncan Rock, still at the same levels of tide flow it was at in the ’50s. Want to ski? Try Mt Baker, with 1,140 inches in ’99, and snowfalls that still average around 640". But, religious fervor will prevail, rather than the evidence of ones eyes.

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    A mimeograph is a two dimensional representation of the activities of silent street performers in a given area.

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    And Earl orders a sauna…

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    Time share folks have time flies.

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    Most people do…

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    Although Bugs Bunny has been replaced with cell phones and video games…

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    When this strip was first published, this was funnier, because that thought pattern tended to be the exception rather than the rule it has become.