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KelleyCooper Free

Underemployed & overeducated...recovering addict/alcoholic...was thrown out of Civil War re-enactors for using live ammo.

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  1. over 14 years ago on Barkeater Lake

    Ah….don’t you just love regional stereotypes.

  2. over 14 years ago on Tom Toles

    The 30 year avg. temp. for today, where I live, is 45 degrees. Today’s high is 29, with snow expected tonight. Yesterday’s high was 23. I’m thinking of moving Dixie to Ecuador. :)

  3. over 14 years ago on Pat Oliphant

    Oh man, that’s funny.

  4. over 14 years ago on ViewsAmerica

    I don’t buy the ‘cave dweller’ story that the yankee govt. sells…I think Osama is hiding in a large city. In Karachi, for example…collateral damage there would be internationally unacceptable, & besides, we’re trying to be friendly with Pakistan. C’mon, people….WAKE UP!!!:)

    Deo Vindice! Free the South!

  5. over 14 years ago on Clay Jones

    Hey….Goodwill toward FOLKS. I reckon ‘men’ is sexist. Watch yourself:)

  6. over 14 years ago on Bloom County

    I love the deficit. You yankees are thieves & arsonists, baby-rapers, killers, & generally an unkind type of folk. All that grave-robbing by Sherman should be applied to the federal debt now. FREE THE SOUTH.

  7. over 14 years ago on Jim Morin

    Warrior77 …I side with liberals? What? Perhaps you should actually READ my posts. I’m basically libertarian, though I recognize the need for SOME rules. I list my political affiliation as SOUTHERN NATIONALIST. See the League of the South for more definition on that (dixienet.com). As far as my flag is concerned…if you don’t like it, that’s too bad. My gr-gr-grandfather was captured twice fighting for that flag, & wound up doing 1 1/2 years in Gratiot Street Prison in St. Louis for it (1864-65). He had one brother who died in hospital in MIssissippi & another who deserted from Port Hudson, La., & was never heard from again. I’m not sure you really understand my flag, or what it means.

  8. over 14 years ago on Jim Morin

    Jae’da…in regard to your thoughts on extremism…I think it’s good to remember that the political spectrum is a circle. Going too far either way winds up in basically the same bad place. In regard to, “policing our crazies’,…ummm…one man’s (or woman’s) terrorist is another one’s freedom fighter. Who are these ‘crazies’ that we are policing? I, for one need more definition on that…& why are we policing them?

  9. over 14 years ago on The Barn

    Grazer…the methane gas in bovine flatulence is said to be a great contributor to the greenhouse gasses that eat away the ozone…in fact, in New Zealand, the loonies have passed a tax on cattlemen based on their cows’ flatulence. In this country, we spent millions of dollars over 20 years or so @ the University of Texas to study the possible practical applications of the methane in COW FARTS…are you laughing yet? The funniest part is…IT’S TRUE. Ugh. PFFFT.

  10. over 14 years ago on Jim Morin

    Y’know…I enjoyed reading these comments at first. I really enjoy all the comics. But I am so disgusted by what I read in here, sometimes…here is a paste of something I wrote about 5 minutes ago, after reading some other chatter… “both extreme sides of the political spectrum have shown a lack of respect to opposing views.” - This is the most truth I’ve read in these ‘comments’ since I began reading them earlier this month. The Democrats hate the Republicans, & vice-versa…I suppose they just enjoy hating each other. But hey…look….THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM IS CORRUPT. In fact, to quote Dr. Michael Hill, “The federal regime is a corrupt criminal enterprise”. What we need here are solutions. Making fun of ‘the other side’ solves nothing, though I suppose it’s some fun for weak-minded folks. - By the way, I REALLY like this one. Hilarious! :)