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  1. 3 months ago on Frank and Ernest

    True. Lions fans say that after the first play of pre-season

  2. 6 months ago on Ziggy

    2 other ways to tell when you’re getting old…… one is how you watch porn. When you’re young, you’re like, “Wow, look at that blonde….ooohh, that redhead…..the redhead and the blonde…arrhhhhh” When you get old and watch porn, you’re like “ Wow, look at that furniture…. and that fireplace….. oh my, that pool is gorgeous. Honey, quick, come look at this pool”

    Another way is by how you respond to a rock concert. When you’re young and you go to a concert, you jump around yelling “Louder,…. crank it up….yeah, louder…..wooo!” When you hit middle age and go to a concert, you yell”Hey, it’s too loud. Can you turn it down a notch or two. It’s giving me a headache. Turn it down!” Then when you are old and you are there, you say “ Huh? Are they playing? What? Turn it up, I can’t hear it. What…huh?”

  3. 8 months ago on Dilbert Classics

    I have a friend who worked for Microsoft when they 1st started out and they did exactly that. After 15 years she was able to retire with several millions in stock and has enjoyed the last 25 years living off of it.

  4. 10 months ago on The Born Loser

    I had a Super Nova as well. I had to get rid of it though. The damn thing kept running into phone booths

  5. 11 months ago on FoxTrot Classics

    I remember when they first announced the stealth fighter. They said that the enemy wouldn’t be able to tell if it was a plane or a flock of birds on radar. Maybe I give Russia credit for being smarter than they really are, but I think if they saw a flock of birds flying 600mph, they are going to think that something is up

  6. about 1 year ago on Pickles

    There once was an inquisitive nun, who knew she was missing life’s fun. She asked why can’t I, just give sex a try, and then they could call me a one!

  7. about 1 year ago on Ziggy

    Proof that his rallies are for the birds

  8. about 1 year ago on Ripley's Believe It or Not

    What I find amazing about ABBA is that 3 of the members couldn’t rear or write sheet music. You could put Dancing Queen in front of Benny. Bjorn or Frida and they wouldn’t be able to tell you what it was. Only Agnetha would have been able to play it. Benny and Bjorn had to hire people to translate their music so that other musicians could play it.

  9. over 1 year ago on Frank and Ernest

    I didn’t know that Trump had served in the military…….

  10. over 1 year ago on Peanuts Begins

    In many of these early strips Charley Brown and Lucy seem to be brother and sister, yet they aren’t because her last name is van Pelt and she and Linus live separate from Charley. So, why is he in her house so much all the time, or is she in his house????